Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

Last day of 2010.  Wow, it has been a stellar year here.  Lots of things happened. 

I had my 2 year anniversary of adopting Mom.  That really was the best day ever for me. 
No, nothing naughty is happening here.  Hermie was just laying there and I was there and Mom took pictures.  (A girl cannot get any privacy around here)

Mom got to stay home with us full time (she was laid off from her job, she wasn't happy there anyway so this was a good thing).

Not a great picture of Mom but there is Wraggs......sweet Wraggs.

The Heathens celebrated their first birthday in typical heathen style.  They seem to think it is all about them.  Heathens.  Can't live with them and Mom won't let me kill them.

Wraggs got really sick in the spring and early summer.  Her kidneys were shutting down.  This was NOT good news.  Mom had to make her eat by force feeding her and Wraggs was not happy with that.  She lost a lot of weight.  Then in the middle of the summer, Wraggs told Mom it was time to go see Grandma and Grandpa.  I miss Wraggs (Mom misses her too).

Wraggs, on one of the first few days after she moved here to Florida to live with Mom.  Yeah, you can see, she always was a happy doggie. 

And another heathen was brought into the house this year.  Can you believe, Mom got another cat?  Four cats?  Can anyone say 'crazy cat lady'?

Robin was a stray in another neighborhood.  Some older ladies were feeding him but wanted him to have a real home.  Mom's neighbor, Tiger's Mom, told her about the kitty.  Yup, Mom adopted him. 

Robin was pretty skinny.  He got here and he gained weight, not too much weight but enough to make him healthy.  His fur looks much nicer now too.  It is amazing what a safe place can do for a kitty.

So this year we have had some ups and downs.  Friends leaving our lives, friends joining our lives, friends coming back into Mom's life.  Over all....decent enough year with a few pitfalls thrown in.

I hope next year is better.  Going to get Mom a job.  I'll have to whip the heathens into shape.   WHIPPING HEATHENS!!!  I am so into that.  Going to keep Mom on the right tract for her fitness and weight thingy.  And me?  I'm going just continue to be the best little tub of love that I can be. 

2011 get here already!!!!

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  1. Best of everything to the whole kitten caboodle!!! Keep up the blog, its wonderful!!

    Purrs from Punkin & Talley