Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I resolve to be cute

Only a few more days of this year left!  I guess I need to work on my resolutions. 

I resolve to hate the heathens (done!!!!)
I resolve to not lose my figure (done!!!!)
I resolve to cuddle with Mom every night (done!!!!)

Whoohoo, see, not even the new year and I've already kept my resolutions.  Life is good! 

I bet Mom won't keep hers.  Oh yeah, sure, exercise and eat well, those are good things but it is doubtful that Mom will keep that up.  I'll support her and tell her she looks great but she knows when she is bad.  She says things like 'fat, fat ass, get moving'.  She knows she will feel better.  And she has a goal.  Not going to give it up either. 

Not sure what Louie's resolution is, I'm guessing it is to be smug and a heathen.  Well, he has that covered quite nicely.

Hermie's resolution is probably show off his gorgeous stripes, spots and thumbs more.  I'm all for that one.

I discovered Mom's new blanket last night and decided it is mine.  It is VERY soft and comfortable.  Sorry Mom, I won't share with you.

And Robin.  His namesake passed away on this day in 1989.  Yes, it is OK.  Mom is OK with it.  She knows that it was his damned choice.  Our Robin is quite happy here but he keeps looking at me.  MOM, make Robin stop looking at me.  Actually Robin has been contemplating sitting her lap again.  He keeps looking at her when she sits on the couch.  mmm, no, no, no, Mom is MINE. 

So, Mom has been taking pictures of the Heathens and me the last couple of days.  Trying to be artistic.  yeah, go for it Mom.  But no more pictures of me being silly, please.....
Low five!!!

I'm happily napping away in the bathroom by the time you read this (warm room, soft bed to sleep in....aaaaaaaaaaaa)

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