Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm cold

Dang!  It is COLD outside.  27 degrees this morning, lots of frost everywhere.  Mom says some of her plants froze.  I'm not surprised.  That is rather chilly.  But I am nice and warm inside and so are the heathens.  They had a quick little shot of patio time.  Mom made them come in.  The tabby boys came right in, Robin had to be carried in the house.    They don't get it, outside BAD, inside GOOD.  What can I say, boys are stoopid. 

The icky Christmas tree is all down and packed up.  Won't have to see it again (well, I barely saw it really) for another year.  Bah, I hate Christmas.  It scares me.  Shoot, everything scares me!  Sometimes even Mom scares me. 
Yes, I am showing off my green eyes.  I am all nice and warm in here and didn't mind it too much that Mom disturbed me.

Oh good Louie, get up there, knock things down.  (no, he didn't, not this time at least)

Yeah, even better Louie.  Stretching your nails on the couch is not a good thing.  Oh hell, we all do it! 

Look, toes.  I love toes. 

So Mom walked out of the office a little while ago and saw something funny.

Robin was hiding.  Not really well but you know, he isn't a rocket surgeon. 

Hermie wanted to see what was under there.  He knew of course.

Hey, Robin is under there!

Robin was just not good at this hiding thing.  He had his tail up behind him wagging away.

This was not going well.  Hermie was being aggressive (for him).

There was growling (Hermie), meowing (Robin) and then Robin took off.  Hermie kept looking.

Louie came over to look too, just in case.  Nope, Robin left, he was having none of that crap from those other heathens.

Looks like Louie is still decked out for the holidays. 

OK, I am now going to take my afternoon nap.  I finished my morning nap just in time. 

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  1. Ellie, Please write this furever! I ♥ reading it!