Friday, December 17, 2010

Mom's turn

Wow, it has been a busy week here.  We kitties all got to send Santa a letter.  Hope he gets them all cause we have been good kitties...for the most part at least.  Mom said today it is her turn for a letter to Santa.  We shall see if I allow that.  I mean, really, Mom, you believe in Santa?  Oh, she says she believes in the good that Santa does, the hope, the happiness, the laughter.  I can understand that I think.  Don't make me think too hard, it hurts my brain. 

Hello Santa,
     I hope you remember name is Andi and I believed in you many years ago.  You always brought me the best presents.  I still believe in the goodness and fun of Santa.  And for those adults that can't see it or feel it, can you help them out a bit?  Wait, don't go, I do have a few requests this year.
  • Please, keep the Heathens and Ellie healthy.  I love them and want them with me for a very long time
  • A job.  It doesn't have to be the 'perfect' job, I know that doesn't exist.  But a job that I like would be wonderful
  • Can you help all the kitties and doggies out there that do not have homes?  Can you find them loving homes where they are safe and happy?  That would be wonderful.
  • I'd like to win the lottery, not a ton of money, but winning a little would be grand!
  • Mostly, I would like to have my family and friends (in real life and online) to be happy in their lives. 
     Now I just need to note Santa, I have been naughty but you know, naughty is the new nice.  And I'd like to report on the kitties and their naughtiness and niceness.
Ellie - she likes to eat a little too much and not exercise enough (naughty) and she really isn't open to making friends with Robin (naughty).  She is a great cuddler and purrs so sweetly (nice).  I'm glad she is in my life.
Louie - he humps and bites Ellie (naughty), he likes to break things (naughty).  He is very handsome and makes me laugh all the time (nice).   I'm glad I adopted him.  He is a lover.
Hermie - he breaks things (naughty), he steals my watch and other jewelry (naughty).  He has the cutest little face and he makes me laugh (nice).  Glad that he and Louie are in my life.  He is my sweetie.
Robin - he chases his brothers (naughty and nice), he pees over the edge of the litter box (naughty).  He is starting to come around about wanting to be with me and he is really a gorgeous cat (nice).  I'm glad I changed my mind about rescuing him, he needed me as much as I needed him.

That is pretty much it for this year Santa.  I'm sure you will see much about the cat naughtiness in the next year.  Try not to think that they are all naughty, they make up for it with their cuteness and fun antics. 
Fly safe my old friend,

OMC, Mom does get wordy.  She forgot, this is MY BLOG!  She better remember that it is mine, mine, mine!She has been busy making cookies and candies for people.  Keeps her out of trouble, cause you know Mom.  Trouble maker. 

Hermie still does this and it freaks out Mom.  He crawls under her desk.  None of us other kitties can do that but Hermie, he does it. 

Oh no!!!  Hermie's cute body is gone!  Oh wait, I saw him later, he is fine.  No need to panic..............
Mom got this bed when I first came in the house.  I didn't like it.  In fact I peed in it the first time I saw it.  I didn't know better!  I did finally figure out that it was a great place to sleep.  It has since moved on to other kitties, like Robin.  He likes to sleep here at night and sometimes in the afternoon. 

Louie was in for a closeup.  OK, I will say he is good looking but he still pisses me off.

Well, I better get to my afternoon nap.  I have to catch up a bit.  and psssst, I was naughty last night, I went in and ate some of Robin's yummy kibble.  Don't tell Mom. 

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