Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Monday....can't stand that day

It has gotten cold again here.  For me it is cold!  I'm a Florida kitty.  Thankfully I have Mom to keep me warm.  And my extra layers.  THIS is why I am tubby, for the cold weather.  I'm not sure what Mom's excuse is.  Oh yeah, she is going to lose that this time.  Uh huh.  If I could roll my eyes, I would!  She seems determined this time. 

The boys got to go outside too, the patio only.  The tabby heathens came in on their own, I don't think they like cold weather.  Robin had to be told to come in but he came in willingly too.  I guess it is cold for heathens.  Too bad boys, Mom snuggles with ME!

We are recovering from Christmas.  Mom is cleaning up the holiday stuff, taking down the tree.  Kind of sad but she wants the house back in order.  Like it ever is in order.  But taking down the tiny, scary little tree is a good idea.  Then I might go back in the front room and look out the window at night.  I miss watching the neighbors and their stuff.  They are all very interesting.  I'm a nosey kitty. 

Not much is going on today.  And yesterday wasn't very interesting.  Mom DID workout and she says she is doing it again today.  GOOD.  Tub of Lard Mom. 

Oh GREAT, Louie is reading my blog.  Before I am finished writing it.  Who the hell does he think he is, sitting on Mom's desk, enjoying the nice warm lamp. 

Wow, Louie almost looks like Hermie.  But Hermie is cuter.

Now that is a cute heathen!  HERMIE!!!!

I have to admit, Robin is good looking in his own way.  As long as that way is way, way far away from me.

This is me from earlier this year.  Mom is really slacking about taking pictures of me.  GET WITH THE PROGRAM MOM!   There need to be more pictures of me.  Less heathens, more Ellie. 

Well, this is quiet day, I'm going to rest.  I spent most of the night watching Mom sleep.  I even put my paws on her for a while, just to make sure she was breathing.  She was! 

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