Monday, December 13, 2010

My blog has been hijacked!

Hi, I'm Robin.  This is my first Christmas in this house with Mom and the other kitties.  I'm still getting used to things.  But today is my day, I get to post in the blog!  YIPEEE!!! 

Mom said I could write my letter to Santa on here and he would get the message.  I hope she knows what she is talking about.  She seems sort of smart but who can tell if there is anything behind the eyes.

Dear Santa,
     I hope it is OK that I call you by your first name.  Or should I call you Mr. Claws?  How is the wife?  She baking cookies?  I bet she makes awesome cookies.  I wish I knew what cookies were but if I did, I would want the ones that Mrs. Claws makes.
     Santa, I have been a good kitty this year.  I've had a bit of a rough patch though.  I spent part of the summer outside.  On my own.  Yes, I had some older ladies to take care of me but I needed a home, a real home, an inside home.  Well, I found one with this lady, Andi person.  It is really good here.  Yummy foods, warm bed, inside away from scary things.  Yup. good.   Andi said I could write you and ask for things that I want, that I might get them or I might not.  I hope I get them.  Here goes....
- more outside time on the patio
- a soft bed to sleep in
- treats, I like treats! 
- I want to sit on Mom's lap and not be scared
- I want to sleep on Mom's bed with her and Ellie
- I want Ellie to like me
     Santa, I hope you can help me out.  I really am a good boy.  Even when I was a girl I was a good boy.  I promise to continue to be a good boy and let Mom pick me up and not get upset at her and squirm and meow.  It might not be all that bad. 
Love and kisses,
Robin (the newest heathen)

I cannot believe that Robin wrote his letter to Santa on here.  This is MY blog, not his!  He really thinks he is so damned special.  Do you know he came up to me in the family and touched noses with me?  I was pissed and I hissed at him.  But he didn't run.  And he didn't hump me or bite me.  He just looked at me like I was supposed to be his friend.  mmm, no.  I'm like Mom, you have to break thru my armour before I will allow you into my life.   I love for life so it takes a lot to get me to love you.  I really only LOVE Mom.  Hermie is a very strong like.  Louie, I feel disgust towards.  And Robin, I'm not sure yet. 
I'll try learn to care for Robin.  Just give me time. 

I hope the others don't get the idea that they can write on here too.  Oh crap, Mom just told me that we all get to do this, that means it is going to be taken over by the heathens.  But she said I get to send Santa a letter too.  I am so going to work on my list.  .

Ooooooo, Mom said she is keeping a naughty and nice list and passing it on to Santa!  Heathens are so gonna get  coal for Christmas.  Oh crap!  I swatted at Mom last night and growled.  I am going to be an angel for the next week so Santa hears only the good things.   Bet the heathen naughty list is at least 5 pages long.  They really are just trouble makers. 

Now I really must nap.  Dream of sugarplums.  And gooshy foods.  And yummy junk food kibble!

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