Sunday, December 26, 2010

Naughty Heathens

We survived!!!  Christmas that is, of course.  Mom had a good day.  Watched all sorts of things on that television thing.  I have no idea, I only came out for a little bit with her.  I prefer to stay in my safe room.  But Mom got to watch Little Women, the one from 1949.  She likes that stuff.  I don't get it but she likes it.  And I like Mom happy you know. 

Oh no!  I heard a bad word this morning.  DIET! EXERCISE!  I hope Mom isn't talking about me.  Oh she isn't!  Yippee!!!  I was afraid I was going to have to get on the elliptical and exercise and stuff.  I don't do that you know.  Mom cleaned out the fridge of bad stuff (she kept the chocolate, go figure) and said 'I'm going to exercise every day, elliptical, treadmill, something every day'  We shall see.  She said 'at least 15 pounds need to come off of me'.  I don't know, she looks nice to me.  And there is more of her to cuddle.  Just like me! 

The boys are back to being naughty.  Robin just chased and bit Louie, got some hair in his mouth.  Mom of course went in to save Louie.  I say, Louie is getting some of his own medicine!  Hermie is being an angel.

Nooooo Hermie, don't scratch Mom!
Oh look at that, Louie sleeping in one of the cat beds.  He thinks he is so hot. 
OK, I will say, Louie looks nice here.  Almost handsome.  In a heathen kind of way.

Robin had a good time yesterday.  He PLAYED!  He is defintely 'home' here. 

Hermie, you keep being naughty!  Sticking your tongue out at Mom is a definite no no. 

As you can see, I was no where to be found in the entire debacle called 'Christmas'.  I'm quite happy in my room, safe from heathen infiltration. 

I'm still a bit worried about this diet thing.  Is it going to make Mom crankier?

I will think about that tomorrow, for now, I must nap again.  I needs lots of beauty sleep!

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