Thursday, December 9, 2010

Outside is Bad

Sorry I didn't write yesterday.  Mom hogged the computer again (and I slept).  She had to do that thing called 'insurance' again.  Mom is thrilled, really she is...very glad to have insurance even though she pays for it herself.  Of course she said she has to go thru the subsidy thing again too.  I know she will, she has it down pat now.  Anyway, Mom let me back on the computer today.  Until she works on the Christmas video thing (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!)

Mom lost one of her earrings the other night.  She found the back for it but not the front.  She thinks it came off when she changed clothes and has looked and looked...can't find it.  She was forced to go back to the sparkly earrings.  Hopefully no heathens will think that eating that little gold earring would be a good idea.  Last year Hermie chewed up one of Mom's earrings, he didn't eat it, just put lots of teeth marks in it.  Heathen!

I've been silly the last few days.  I got really scared of the computer mouse thing.  I didn't like it!  Then I got scared of Mom's sweatshirt.  It was scary!  And I am so scared of coming out in the family room with Mom in the evening.  That Robin kitty is out there with Mom.  I see him and go back in the bedroom where I am usually safe.  Even if Mom protects me, I am too scared to walk in the family room.  I'm really cautious about things.  Last night Mom made me go in the front room with her when she had put the boys in their room (Even Robin went!).  I was not happy.  I growled at Mom and hissed and was a little bitch.  Me!!  A bitch!!!  Yeah, not happy.  I didn't scratch Mom but I was scared and when I am scared I growl and make my ears go back.  I ran (waddled) back into the bedroom where I was safe.  And you know what?  Mom let that Robin kitty back out!  Of course the other night when I was there with Mom I saw Robins' yummy crunchy foods and helped myself to a few nibbles.  This DIEt thing sucks.

We have had cold weather here in Florida and all of the lizards are hibernating in the ground.  You know what that means?  Yes, the heathens got to go out on the screened in patio and have fun!  I didn't join them, cause 1 - I don't do fun, 2 - I don't do heathens, 3 - it was daylight.
Look at them, outside.  OUTSIDE BAD!

Robin and Hermie were hanging together. 

OMC!!!  Robin is having fun!   I had no idea that he liked the outside.  Mom said he looks longingly outside when he is on the patio.  But they all know, there will be no kitties going out in the yard.  Maybe they don't know but Mom knows and that is the most important thing.
Look at Hermie's spots!  He doesn't have just stripes, he has spots.  Mom says he is different.  I say he is different and wonderful.  sigh......

They do look like they are having fun. 

Oh crap, there is that bastard Louie.  He is a big boy, not a good boy but a big boy. 

So, Mom thought she saw that Petsmart had dog/cat beds on sale tomorrow.  She said she is going to go back and get some more beds for all of us for Christmas.  I want a pink one.  I'm a girl, I need pink. 

And today Mom went to the doctor for her blood pressure check up.  She actually got an OK on her blood pressure.  See, Mom has high blood pressure.  I think the heathens gave her that.  (not really, it is hereditary so I guess Grandma and Grandpa gave her that). 

sigh......I wanted to end today's entry on a good note.  There is Hermie.  He doesn't hump me.  I like him.

Now I am off for my afternoon nap.  My morning nap wasn't long enough.

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