Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peeping Dogs

Mom took the heathens outside again the other day.  Outside means the screened in patio.  All the lizards are hibernating so they can't bring any into the house.  She figures it is safe to let them out there but she still watches them to make sure they stay safe.  Good thing she watches them too.

Cause they were out there and Miller, the doggy from next door, was out too and he was watching thru the fence.
Now before anyone gets their panties in a wad, Miller has never bothered the cats, mom or anyone.  Mom knows better than to mess with him, you do not mess with doggies that are not your own.  But when the owners are out and Miller is out, he is one big mushy guy.  She would never let him near us though.  Ever.  Oh and yes, the doggy has had his balls removed.  Because Mom kept telling them that they needed to do that, to not see it as their own balls but to keep the dog healthy and keep him from being aggressive.  Oh, he is aggressive.  He throws himself at Mom wanting love.  But like all dogs, they need to be treated with caution so that is how Mom treats him.  And she takes him treats (Mom is a softy for animals).

Yup, Robin saw the doggy and kept watching him.  Robin wanted Mom to know DOGGY, DOGGY THERE MOM! 

Do you know she let them out there again today?  Even when it was raining?  Only Hermie ventured out where there was wet stuff.  He is a silly guy (I love him).

He is a little goofy but very sweet to me.  Oh, he chases me but not like he is being mean to me.  He just wants to play with me. 

Mom got more cat beds!  Whoohoo, I got my very own, well so did the other kitties.  But I got mine already!  Mom said 'Merry Christmoose' when she gave it to me.  I have no idea what that means but dang, I am happy!

It is pink, cause I am a girl.  So there boy kitties, you cannot sleep in this bed, it is MINE!

I fit just right.   It is nice and squishy, perfect for my delicate frame.

Mom even left it on the bed overnight with her, can you imagine?  I got in it this morning and mmm, rolled wrong.  I went flying off of Mom's bed along with my cat bed.  Mom didn't see it but she heard it.  I'm fine, I completed the proper landing (Mom gave me a 6.5 I thought it was more of a 10 but I'll take the score).

Oh, Mom says she has to get her eyes examined tomorrow so I might not be able to write anything.  Something about focusing.  But I want Mom to get her eyes checked so she can get new contacts and maybe some prescription readers (you know, the old lady glasses that Mom wears when she wants to see stuff).  I don't have to wear readers cause my eyes are perfect.  Absolutely perfect!

I'm off to see if I can sleep like princess in my special pink bed

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