Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please send heat

Yo!  Santa Dude,
     Louie here.  Or you may know me as Louis, or maybe you heard me called Loose.  Yeah, I go by many names.  I pretty much don't listen to any of them. 
So I heard that we kitties are sending you our wish lists for Christmas.  I have lots of things I want so here goes:
  • alone time with Ellie
  • treats, the Friskies Party Mix, Temptations dairy flavor, LOTS of treats
  • gooshy food, you know, the good kind
  • more alone time with Ellie
  • a nice squishy bed
  • patio time, especially when it is lizard hunting season
  • really alone time with Ellie
     Hopefully you can provide me with my presents!  I really have been a good kitty, no matter what you have heard.  Lies, they are all lies I tell you!  I was framed.  I'm the best heathen in the house.  The best one I tell you!
     Have a safe flight when you delivered presents.  I don't want to hear about you on the news, like you sleighed drunk or something. 
hugs and kisses,
Louie Patootie

sigh, can you believe it?  Mom let LOUIE write in my blog.  I tell ya, I am so going to be upset if I don't get to write a letter to Santa too. 

And honestly, I saw Louie's list.  Alone time is so not happening. 

So, it got REALLY cold here last night.  And get this, the heat went out.  It was 29 degrees outside and 63 inside the house.   Mom is not happy.  I was, I got to snuggle real close to her all night.  Well, until 3:45 when she woke up and realized that the heat was off, then she fussed and stressed for 2 hours, let the heathens out of their room and then fussed some more.  I'm glad she finally got up!  I'm also glad that we had the space heater with us last night.  Mom took it away from me though, she said something about 'freaking cold in the office' and went in there. 

I'm going to stay under the bed for a while.  I did get up on the bed yesterday and snuggle into my soft bed.  It felt wonderful!  I purred and kneaded and purred some more.  I like my bed.  And I am not sharing

Mom!!!!!!!!!!!  Louie is on my bed!  It's pink, he can't have it, this is my bed!

And Hermie was extra naughty yesterday but tried to look innocent.  I think he succeeded. 

I'm pretty sure he is innocent of all that he has been accused of.  I'm sure of it!  My sweet honey pie could never do what he was accused of.  I'm sure it was Louie (sends message to Santa, letting him know which heathen is the naughty one).

Now I must catch up on the sleep I lost while Mom was tossing and turning.  And I am ready for the heat to be fixed too!

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