Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas everyone!!!  

No snow outside, but lots of gorgeous sunshine and warmness.  Florida is lovely!

The heathens opened gifts this morning.  I tell you, they are just HEATHENS!

Look at them, ripping up that pretty paper and Mom let them and encouraged it. 
They all liked the cat house.

The box was very popular.

Very popular.................

Robin LOVES the mousies!  He was killing it really well.

Hermie said they were wonderful too!

Louie is too cool for toys.

I dreamt of treats all night

Oh crap, this is not what it looks like at all.  I did not kiss Louie.  I didn't!!!!

Look, even Mom got a present!  She got this from her sister-in-law, brother and their family including the cats and dog.  I don't know why they call her a crazy cat lady.....  She got a gift card to Target from Tiger (the kitty she pet sits for).  I am sure there will be a gift card coming from her sister too. 
So we are all resting now.  Mom is going to make a pot roast later with fixings, I'll get a little of the roast I bet.  She says she is feeling better and her contact issue is better (she thought that her contact was bad, the brand new gold ones!).  Something about an eyelash got caught under her eyelid and didn't come out and then just bothered her.  Finally it came out.  Ick.   Mom is just disgusting but she is good at cuddling so I let her live here. 

Hope everyone is having a nice day.  I'm going to be good still but later I may swat at Louie.  The being good thing is over with now so I can be a bitch!

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  1. Thank you for the gift of this blog! Ellie is a wonderful writer, she makes it feel like you are RIGHT THERE!! And of course the boys are endlessly entertaining too.

    Hoping the year will be happy and successful for all, especially Mom. Scritches and hugs all around from
    Punky, Talley & cc