Friday, December 3, 2010

Purple Kitty Eater

I had a horrible afternoon yesterday.  It was awful!  Mom made me sit in the front room with her and see all 3 heathens at once.  I growled at them all.  Mom kept telling me to hush up but I growled at them.  It was just awful.  I did it for Mom but dammit, I do not like the heathens!

Mom did something, well, I'll just show you pictures.
First up, Hermie.  Doesn't he look happy. 

Robin is ashamed and embarrassed by the purple coat.

I think Louie is trying to scare the purple thing off of him.

Even I had to wear the damned thing.  Yes, it fit.  Sort of.  I couldn't get it to wrap around my beautiful chest area so I went risque and only had it partly closed. 

Yes, we all had to wear that thing!  Mom got her pictures and we better not see that thing again for at least a year.  I think we are all traumatized.  Except Mom.  Louie tried to claw her legs but Mom pulled his claws out of her knee and said 'no'.  And he let the thing be put on him! 

Louie, up close.  He was bugging Mom's camera while it was on the desk so Mom took a picture of him.  This is what I usually see just before he bites me. 

Robin was really excited this morning.  He was watching a dove that was walking in the back yard.  I guess he knows what birdies really are.  Wait till he sees 20 or 30 egrets in the back yard.  The other heathens LOVED that this last summer.  BIRDIES MOM, BIG BIRDIES! 

I of course have no time for any of that nonsense.  I am busy napping.  And trying to think of ways to get rid of the heathens.  Mom stopped me from listing them online, free to a good drug testing company.  sigh.  I am stuck with them.  Crap. 

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