Monday, December 20, 2010

Replacement key!

I took the weekend off.  Mom had her hair appointment and that took most of the day.  She isn't a natural beauty like me.  I don't do anything special and I have all these colors in my fur.  No artificial anything with me!  But Mom, well, she gets her hair colored that funny color, caramel and stuff.  When she got home her hair stunk.  None of us kitties liked the smell.  Even Mom hated the smell.  I'm glad she washed it before bed.  I didn't want to smell that stink all night. 

And yesterday Mom cleaned the house.  I mean really cleaned the house.  I know, she rarely does it but she said yesterday it needed to happen. 

We did have excitement yesterday.  Mom started the stove on fire.  It isn't supposed to be on fire of course.  One of the things called 'drip pan' had some grease in it and it started on fire.  She was lucky she was in the room when it happened, it could have been really bad.  Mom just moved the pan and threw salt on the fire.  It stopped right away.  Dinner was saved too!  I didn't get any of it of course.  It was soup.  I don't eat soup.

We have nice weather again, which is good.  I still cuddled with Mom all night.  She needed it.  She was tossing and turning.  Said something about 'stress, bad dream'.  Wish I could help her more than just cuddle with her.  I guess the cuddle is enough.  I try.  Now to get Mom a job.  In the new year, she needs to get a job and she has to work out more.  I know Mom isn't feeling fantastic but working out is gonna have to be a must. 

ooooo, I forgot to tell about the 'gift' that Louie gave Mom yesterday!  This is funny!!!  For me it is at least.  Mom was taking the sheets into the laundry room and wasn't paying attention and stepped in, get this....omg.....fresh, warm, CAT PUKE!  Mom just hopped into the kitchen and cleaned up her foot.  And then cleaned up the cat puke.  That Louie, he just doesn't know what Mom likes.  I can tell you, it isn't cat puke! 

Ah, Hermie hasn't heard but Mom got the new CTRL key for her laptop.  She is going to put it on later this afternoon.  Weird, it came in just a plain old envelope. 

I guess Mom is off to go for a nice long walk.  She is 'down'.  So a walk is good for her.  And she needs to lose weight!  I don't but Mom sure does.

Back to my nap 

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