Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa, read this blog!

I heard Mom yell this morning.  Actually I think she said 'shit'.  Mom is naughty like that.  She was on that scale thing.  Said something about paying for eating pasta last week and then she said 'no more'.  Poor Mom, she needs to embrace her fluffiness like I do.  Embrace it Mom, embrace it, don't fight it!  Mom never listens to me. 

Then Mom said 'shit' again!  She was in the kitchen and smelled chlorine.  And has been smelling it for a few days and finally investigated.  The Clorox stuff she sprays on the counters sprung a leak.  ICK!  Mom cleaned that up but not a happy Mom. 

Highlight of Mom's morning:  cheap vegetables!  She went to one of those stores she likes, Super Target, and found celery, potatoes and lettuce on sale!  Yes, Mom was excited about her veggies purchase of  3 dollars total. 

So Mom wears these things called reading glasses.  She's old!  Anyway, Louie is fascinated by them.  In a very naughty way.

See, I tell everyone, Louie is naughty

Mom allowed him to do this!

I'm telling Santa

Sending this blog to Santa

Oh, don't you drag my sweet Hermie into your naughtiness!

oh, looks like Hermie is all for ratting out Louie!

Look at this!  How is this allowed?  Mom, return this thief!

Oh sure, try and look innocent.  I have the photos to show Santa

Nooooooooooooo, Hermie, get away from there!

Looks like Mom's glasses survived.  Good thing too!  Mom says they aren't her REAL glasses but just readers so she isn't upset if they go missing or get borked. 

That was way too much excitement for me.  I need a nap. 

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