Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We have heat! Oh and Hermie's Christmoose wish list

We finally have heat in the house, whew.  Mom was scared it was going to be outrageously  expensive.  Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Whew....I didn't want to see Mom scream and be unhappy.   I prefer Mom happy and smiling. 

I heard a rumor, and it is a bad rumor.  Mom said Hermie gets to write his letter to Santa.  I just want to know, when is it MY turn?  I guess I can let Hermie write something. 

Dear Sandy Paws,
     My name is Hermie

and I am the best little extra toed kitty in Mom's house.  I've been a good boy (SHUT UP, I HAVE TOO BEEN GOOD!).  Do not listen to anyone but me, I've been a good kitty this year.  I promise.  OK so there have been a few times but I haven't humped Ellie, well, not the right way at least.  Anyway, please look past my little indiscretions.  Here is my list of stuff I really must have this year Sandy!
  • Balls.  Squishy balls that I can play with, put in the water bowl and then bring it to Mom to throw and throw and throw. 
  • Treats, yes, I like them.  Friskies Party Mix and Temptations Dairy treats are the best.  And gooshy foods!
  • Snuggles with Mom.  I'm almost there. 
  • Ellie, I really think I need to be able to snuggle up against that little tub of love
  • Balls.  Did I mention that yet?  Yeah, I want some
  • A nice soft bed that is all mine.
     I hope you can help me out Mr. Paws.  I really have been good.  Have a safe trip this year and remember our house.  And if you can give Mom something nice, that would be great too.  (she deserves it, cause she puts up with us and our antics and it hasn't been that great of a year around here).
Love and many kisses,
Hermie (the best little kitty in Mom's house)

Yeah, sure Hermie, you are good.  I know what you did yesterday.  And I am so gonna tell.  So, we had people in the house fixing the heat and Mom said all the kitties had to be locked up so Robin and Louie went into the Heathen room but Hermie came in Mom's bedroom with me.  Which was fine with me (he is yummy).  After the strangers were gone, Mom walked into the bedroom and walked by her closet.....which she forgot was open when she put Hermie in with me.  Mom just stood there and laughed... cause Hermie had gotten up on the shelves and knocked down only one box of shoes.  And there he was, sitting behind the SECRET Christmoose presents, with that innocent, I didn't do it, look an his face.  You know what?  Mom wasn't upset.  She just cleaned up and moved Hermie out of the closet and giggled again. 

Mom took a picture of me last night.  I was asleep!  And laying down, that just enhances my fluff.  Really.
Ignore the socks next to me.  Mom was taking stuff off cause she was finally warm again.  Only the socks, whew, thankfully. 

I know Robin was watching me.  He is thinking being with Mom is a good thing.  Me too!  I have a feeling that he will sit with Mom in the new year.  He seems to be catching on to the fact that Mom, she is a good peep. 

Well, I have to rest up, cause you know what tomorrow is?  The day I get to write the Big Elf!  Yipeeeeee

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