Sunday, January 30, 2011

I think deep thoughts

Hmmm, interesting stuff.  Mom cleaned!  No, that isn't rare.  Our house is usually pretty darned clean.  Mom doesn't really like a messy house.  At least all the stuff was picked up. 

We all slept late Saturday morning.  Mom didn't want to get out of bed.  Even though she had some weird ass dreams.  Something about moving into a HUGE warehouse with a bunch of water around it. And kittens.  Of course Mom SAVED the kittens.  The water thing of course freaked her out.  I wasn't there to protect her even. 

Anyway, it was later than usual, Mom wasn't getting up.  Robin, omg, Robin came into MY bedroom and mewed at me.  Who the hell does he think he is anyway?  Like he belongs here?  I hissed at him to put  him in his place.  Bastard!  I do not like him at all.  At least he doesn't try to hump me but really, he was in MY BEDROOM.

Hermie was being all cute the other night.  Look at those TOES!

I'm thinking deep thoughts here.  While protecting Mom's dedicates waiting for the laundry.  Mom, wash your stuff already!

oooo, Mom was in her car today and looked at the windshield in just the right light and saw kitty foot prints!  Louie!  He is the one that was in the garage so Mom knows it was him.  Silly boy. 

Mom is going to join me for a nap!  Oh wait, she isn't?  She is going to nap in the front room with the heathens.  Oh well, I don't want to share the bed with her anyway.

Mom made some sangria (now that she can have alcohol since her antibiotics are done) and is going to make chicken cordon bleu and twice baked potatoes for dinner.  Fancy shmancy.  I want my tablespoon of gooshy food.  I don't need no stinking fancy food, just stinky gooshy foods.

Now I must nap.  I didn't get enough sleep last night (Mom had nightmares, she made me sleep next to her to make her feel better...damned nightmares)

Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate Louie

Oh no!  I kissed Louie last night and Mom saw me.  Then I pretended to hit him.  Mom giggled at me when I did that.  I thought I was being sneaky but nooooo, I was being watched.  Then Mom was on the phone with someone and I figured she was talking to me so I was rolling around, being cute.  Mom was touching me and I started growling.  Mom stopped touching me and I continued to roll around and fell off the bed.  Mom couldn't laugh cause she didn't want her friend to think she was totally weird.  She is weird but doesn't need to have it spread around. 

And she has been thinking about what was said to her yesterday about the job.  She thinks that if it was bad, they would have said 'we are not going to be filling any positions now and we don't want to talk to you' but instead she heard 'there have been some changes in the office and I would like to talk to you about it'.  Mom's sister says 'sounds very strong'.  I think so too.  So does Mom's friend she talked to last night.  He is in her corner, wants her employed, says she has been out too long and needs to work!  Bastard, we want Mom at home!  Oh well, we know, she has to be employed to keep us in our noms. 

Mom told us kitties that when that lady Linda comes to visit, that we have to be on our best behavior.  I say NO.  Oh wait, I will be hiding under Mom's bed.  The only way Linda will see me is if she crawls down on the floor and looks and sees all the cat toys and dust bunnies under the bed.  Mom won't let her do that!  I am pretty sure that this is how the boys will behave:  Robin will be curious, probably will be friendly with the lady.  Hermie will be cautious, just in case the lady is mean.  And Louie will throw himself on the floor and expose his tummy for rubs.  Louie, in case you didn't know, is a slut for tummy rubs. 

Mom got an envelope from Wilbur and Orville's Mom.  Louie says it has the most AWESOME cat smells.  He has decided that the papers are his. 

ooooo, look, Hermie butt!  He is so darned cute, even his butt is cute!

Mom said I did good by putting out pictures of her pet friends of the past.  She loved them all.  Just like she loves us.  Grandma and Grandpa did good with Mom and her brother and sister.  They all love us furkids.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, for raising them right.

I must nap now.  Mom was restless all night and kept waking me up.  I need my beauty sleep!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've gone to the dogs

So, things are still going on here.  Mom is smiling.  She said '2nd interview!!!'  I do not know what that means, even though Mom explained it to me...something about 'getting a job, not being home, more kibble'.  Oh, I like that last one.  Not sure about the other two. 

I do hope the job happens.  It would be a whole lot of work for her but damn, we need kibble here!  Nah, we are not suffering.  Mom always makes sure we kitties have our kibble, gooshy foods, treats, fresh litter.  And lots of love.  That is the best part.  No wait, kibble, gooshy foods and treats are the best part.  Fresh litter is good.  Then all that love stuff. 

So yesterday I showed more pictures of kitties past.  Today, something different.  Doggies!
This is Priscilla.  Her Mom was Teena and her Dad was the Pomeranian down the street, Wilfred.  Helen really loved Prissy.  Prissy died the winter of 1979 after being hit by a car in front of the house (in a blizzard).  Mom ran out to pick her up (mom was bare footed but didn't care) and Prissy was in such pain, she bit Mom.  Mom didn't care.  She took Prissy back in the house.  Nothing could be done to save her.  Grandma grieved.  Mom knew who hit her, she went to school with him and let the ass have it when school was back in session and never spoke to him again.  He was speeding, in a subdivision, in the middle of a blizzard, knew he hit a dog but left.  Bastard.
Prissy was a great dog, she was shaped like me.  Round.  And she was very smart, just like me!

This is Tracy, Mom's dog.  She was part husky and something.  Mom got her when she was in 5th grade and took thru 4H training and the fair.  At the 4H fair, Mom and Tracy were in the obedience ring and Tracy was at a sit and stay.  She didn't, she took off across the ring.  Mom grabbed hold of her neck and was dragged across the ring.  From what she was told, Grandpa jumped a 6 foot fence (it was 18 inches) to get to Mom and the crowd gasped (I guess they did).  Tracy got a white ribbon for that.  But she got a red ribbon in the show ring.  Tracy loved Mom and was very protective of her.  She didn't like anyone making Mom upset.  She also didn't like when Grandpa hugged Grandma.  Good doggie.
This is Mom and Tracy.  Oh my.  Look at Tracy.  She is skinny and young.  hmmm, that other pictures she is chunkier but that is about 2 years later.  And look at Mom! 

Oh a later picture of Mom and Tracy.  And Grandma's finger. 

What the heck?  A birthday party for dogs?  How stoopid!

Mom as a little girl and the dog is Teena. She was a rat terrier mix and very smart.  I don't think dogs are smart but this one, I guess she was smart. 

Oh, Mom and Tracy again.  This was when Tracy was still very young.  Mom was pretty young too.  Only elebenty years old.  

I sure am going thru old pictures lately.  It is fun to see though.  Now of course, I am off for my early afternoon nap.  And I hear Mom is going to go for a long walk again.  Something about 'fat ass'. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stormy Weather

We had bad storms here last night.  Lots of wind and rain.  We are all fine.  The tree lost some little twigs but it is still standing.  It is  BIG tree.  I'd never climb it.  Mostly cause it is outside.  Outside is very bad. 

It was an exciting day yesterday.  Sort of.  Mom was sitting at her desk in the office and she heard a loud sound.  Something falling.  She went looking.  And saw that the door to the garage was open.  It could only mean one thing.  LOUIE!  Yup, he had been out there.  He got up on something and knocked it down.  It wasn't a big deal.  But Mom was not happy he was out there.  She wants the garage to be off limits to us kitties.  You know what happens to us kitties when a door is shut and we aren't allowed in there.  We want to go out there MORE cause obviously there is cool stuff in that room.  I don't of course, cause I am an angel and never do anything wrong.  Mostly. 

Mom enjoyed putting out pictures yesterday of Pepsi, Nikki and Rocky.  They sound like good kitties. 

Oh look, a picture of Mom from 1983.  She knows this because Misty was a baby then.  The dog she is holding is Dino. 

This is a picture of Simone and 2 of her kids.  Simone is the lilac point.  PB (Pretty Boy) is the darker kitty and I think other one is Bambi. 

This is a picture from 1969.  Mom lived in a red house!  Simone and a bunch of her kids.  She looks like she was a good mom to her kits.  She had it easy.  Herman and Helen made sure she was safe and had food.  No, the kitties did not live outside, they were just out for some fresh air.

More of Simone's offspring.  She had lots of meezer babies.  All those cute. 
This is Simone.  Mom says that Simone was a papered Siamese kitty.  She came to live with Mom and the rest of them when Mom's sister had a baby.  Her sister's mother-in-law was silly and thought that Simone would hurt the new baby so Simone came to live with Mom.  She was supposed to be Mom's 8th birthday present, unfortunately, Simone didn't like Mom so much (what cat does like an 8 year old little girl!).  Simone instead loved Mom's brother Tony.  So much so that she had a few litters of kittens in his bed, with him in it.  She must have felt that was the safest place to be.  But Mom got to play with the kittens she had and love on them and they tolerated her pretty well. 

Mom, you need to put more recent pictures on here!  Pictures of ME!  Work on that.

Now I am back to rest.   

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitties of the past

Oh boy!  We are supposed to have weather today.  It is very breezy outside right now.  And they said something about possible hail and tornadoes.  I don't know what either of those are but Mom said 'shit'.  Seems she knows what those things are...she grew up in Nebraska and knows those things.  She also knows what snow is but that is a winter thing up north.  We don't live there, thankfully.  They can keep snow! 

Mom had a rough nights sleep.  Not sure what was going on but she tossed and turned all night.  She had nightmares too, about that old job place and being on call.  Shibbers....I know she hated it.  Thankfully she is home with us kitties for now.  She will work again.  I am ready for her to get out of here. I'm not napping near enough.
Oh this is an old picture.  These handsome boys were Mom's kitties when she was a teenager.  Pepsi and Nikki.  Pepsi was a lost kitty that they adopted and Nikki was Mom's baby.  Gorgeous kitties.  Nikki liked to wander the neighborhood and got hit by a car.  He dragged himself home to be with Mom. They tried to save him, took him to an emergency vet but he passed away.  Pepsi was an older kitty when he was found.  He lived till 1990, to close to 20 years old. 

Ooooooo, a baby Nikki!   What a cute little kitty.
Nikki and Pepsi were good cats.  They slept with Mom, just like I do.  But they had to share her.  I don't!

For kitties that did not grow up together, these boys were very close. 

After Nikki died, Mom's brother and sister-in-law gave her Rocky, to help ease the loss.  Rocky's name was Rickie and Mom couldn't deal with that so she changed his name to Rocky.  Rocky adored Mom's Mom.  He wasn't that thrilled with Mom.

Here is a photo of Pepsi and Rocky in their golden years.  Pepsi is close to 20 years old by now, has no teeth, wants to sleep under a heat lamp.  Rocky has had to take female hormones to stop his humping of Pepsi.  Do you know what happens when a boy kitty takes girl kitty hormones?  He got FAT!  And he no longer humped Pepsi.  pssst, Mom, you might want to think about that for Louie.  (well, crap, Mom says no!)  Rocky passed away in the 90's before Bob appeared in the house.  He continued to love Grandma and Grandma loved him. 

wow, we went down memory lane today.  I guess kitties and doggies have been a big part of Mom's life.  She wishes there were pictures of her horse someplace, but none!  I don't think he existed.  Nope. 

I better get back to my sleep, looking at old pictures made me feel extra special to be with Mom.  Know that she has this relationship with her kitties really makes me feel special.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Interloper is interloping in my territory!

We all had a good day yesterday.  The  heathens got some patio time and I was safe in Mom's bedroom.  Now if Mom would only open that door on the patio to the troubles would be out of here!  But alas, she says 'heathens are here forever'.  Well, shit. 

Last night Mom went out in the front room again to see Robin.  Robin was in the cat cave so Mom just sat on the couch.  It took the heathen 2 minutes to get up on the couch with her.  He even went over and walked across her lap!  Mom says 'progress, we have a little progress'.  I think we have a gray and white heathen. 

Mom didn't work out yesterday, instead she shredded stuff.  My mom is weird, she doesn't want us kitties shredding things but it is fine and dandy for her to be doing it.  But all that is done and her tax stuff is gathering.  Mom is weird!!!  I just have to say that, I love her but she is weird!   She says she is going to work out today.  Good, your ass is getting fat mom!  Get off of it and make it smaller.  Mom isn't fat but she could stand to lose a few pounds.  We kitties totally support her in this endeavor. 

I gotta tell ya about my dream last night.  I dreamt I was a butterball turkey!  I was wrapped up in Mom's arms but I was a butterball turkey.  I am not sure what that means.....I'm sure there is some deep psychological meaning.  Really, it was Mom who dreamt she had her arms around a butterball turkey but really it was ME!!  It totally made her smirk in the middle of the night.  I was happy, I had Mom's arms around me, it is the safest place a kitty can be. 

OK, I need to get back to my beauty rest.  I'll see you cats later!
(psssst, that is Bob's eye, he had freckles....I miss my orange boy)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disgusting display

Dear Bastet!  The horror!  I feel much disgust. 

Here's the deal.  Last night, bedtime, I went out into the front room the glare at Robin.  I am good at it.  Anyway, Mom comes out and sees me and ignores me.  She sat down on the couch were Robin was sleeping and started  talking to him a little bit.  Robin took that as an invitation to KNEAD ON MY MOM!  He was so happy, kneading away on Mom's tummy and occasionally a boob.  He was drooling.  Mom had heathen drool on her!  And get this, Mom was happy!  I was disgusted.  I cannot believe that his filthy heathen paws were on MY MOM!

I could barely eat after that disgusting show.  But I did.  It takes a lot to keep this figure.

Mom is feeling much better.  I know that I am glad for that.  The heathens, doubtful that they care.  Oh yes, they may think she is good, she gives them gooshy foods and lets them out on the patio but they don't get to sleep with her.  neener neener

Mom also got her hair trimmed yesterday.  She is growing it out.  And while that happens, it needs to be trimmed to not look awful.  She came home with one those bumpits things on her head, we all laughed.  Thankfully when Mom washed it this morning that was gone.

I heard her fussing about health insurance too.  She got 4 bills on Friday.  Two each from two different insurance companies.  Yeah, that is fun.  She had to make sure that she pays the right one.  Yup, she is.  Even better, it is less expensive than the other one.  Mom is happier.  She said '$102 is way better than $170'.  Well, of course it is Mom.  We kitties know that.  Means more gooshies and kibble for us.

Vacuuming and moping and laundry are happening today.  Nope, I won't do a lick of that.  Mom has to do it all!  I'm going to rest.    I'll let the heathens help mom

Friday, January 21, 2011

Litter box issues

Oh cats!  We kitties were really worried about Mom yesterday.  She got really sick.  She had to go to the doctor lady even.  Found out she had not only a UTI but a bladder infection.  Sheesh!  So now Mom knows what I felt like and what Robin felt like.  The doctor lady told Mom she caught it early and that Mom must read.  mmm, yes, Mom likes to read lots of different information.  She is edumacated even!

We all knew she wasn't feeling good when she went to bed at 4pm.  She didn't really sleep but Louie, Hermie and I all layed down with her to give her good vibes.  Once she rested a bit and got some food in her, she was better.  And do you know what she ate?  She got chicken fingers (chickens have fingers!!!) and a vanilla milk shake.  Mom couldn't cook so she went to the drive thru and got bad food.  Everything smelled really yummy and we kitties were swarming hoping for some.  But we didn't get any of it!  Bitch!

And then I got to sleep with Mom last night too!  She barely moved but I kept checking on her to make sure she was breathing.  I understand she had some strange dreams.  Even had a dream with Wraggs in it. 

Today she is MUCH better.  Whew.  I'm glad.  I hate a sick Mom. 

Oh man, Robin is talking back at Mom.  Bad boy!

We got lots of rain again last night and this morning.  Hermie has no problem with the water, he actually LIKES it. 

So life is better today.  Mom is feeling better and finally did the dishes (good Bastet, do the dishes Mom!!!)  I am resting my gorgeous self and will make an appearance in the house later. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Excellent Adventure

I am full of surprises.  I really shocked Mom last night. 

See, I rarely get up on things.  I rarely leave my bedroom, it is safe in there and I like it in there.  Well, last night at bedtime I wasn't in the bedroom with Mom.  I needed to explore and spread my wings a bit.  Mom came out looking for me in the usual places.  She even turned on the light.  I wasn't on the floor under the coffee table.  I wasn't on the couch.  I wanted to see different things.  So I did this.
I got on the kitchen table!!!  I didn't use the chair to help me even.  I JUMPED!  Yes, I am tubby but I have been watching my calories and sleeping lots (that is exercise).  Obviously this is helping me. 

Mom stood there and kept taking pictures. 

Mom, I think you need to take the bucket for dog food out of the house now.  We don't have a doggie anymore. 

oooo, look, I found some kitty snacks on the table!  This is AWESOME!

Oh no, an ass shot!
Mom, why are you taking my picture, help me down from here.

Oh, look at my pretty colors!  I was thinking of getting into the window but Mom said no.  So I finally jumped off the table and ran into the bedroom to be with Mom. 

It was an excellent adventure!

Well, crap, Mom doesn't feel good.  She thinks she has a UTI.  She is going to the doctor.  I hope they don't poke her too much.  Mom is smart though, she recognized that she has the signs.  And thankfully she can get into the doctor early this afternoon.  I know what they feel like, I had one before  and it HURT.  I'm just thankful that Mom got me to the doctor and helped me.  I'm sure the doctor will help Mom.  I see lots of cranberry juice and water in Mom's future.  I just don't want to see her crying in the bathroom. 

Still napping....I bet Mom will be joining me after her doctor appointment.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've been quiet lately

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday.  Mom had other things going on and couldn't help me.  I'll tell you later what went on with her.  It is kind of exciting.

I'm doing really well, getting lots of rest (I slept right next to Mom last night again, that is the best), I'm eating well (Mom found me in the kitchen eating some of Robin's kibble again and said she is going to have to move it where I won't eat it, dammit!).  Of course the heathens are still here.  Bane of my existence but they are here. 

So why didn't I write yesterday?  Mom had an appointment.  And INTERVIEW even.  She was excited about it, scared about it, nervous about it.  She thinks it went well.    Cross your paws for Mom please, we want her to get a job even if it does mean she won't be home with us kitties all day long and she might have to travel to foreign places. 

Mom had a friend over last evening and Louie was being his usual intrusive self, getting in the way of things, looking at stuff.  Mom kept saying 'Louie, get down, Louie, stop that'.  Mom's friend said that he LIKED the skinny cat.  LIKED LOUIE??  I ask you, what could anyone see in that, that, that HEATHEN!  I don't see it.  Of course no one but Mom and the vet have ever really seen me.  I hide when someone comes to the door.  I only like Mom.  She isn't scary, strangers are scary, even if Mom likes them, they are scary.  But someone likes Louie.  sheesh.  Hey, if someone likes Louie, Mom, you can give Louie to them! 

Well, crap.  Mom said no can do.  Louie stays here cause she LOVES him.  I don't.  I think that is much more important.  My needs and wants really must be met. 

No, this is not a new kitty in the house.  This is Gypsy, one of the kitties that live with Mom's brother and his family.  Gypsy is like me.  SHE IS TOO!  She was an outside kitty who they rescued.  The rescue thing is rampant in this family. 

On a sad note, on of the ladies that Mom knows from a message board (she has known her for almost 10 years now I think), had to have her kitty, Hannah, put to sleep on Monday.  Hannah was a rescue too.  The nice lady who saved her life rescued her from a bad situation and helped her when she was sick.  Hannah had a cancerous leg so it had to be amputated.  Hannah became her heart cat and when Brenda (that is the lady) lost her on Monday, part of her heart left.  Mom told Brenda that even though our friends leave us physically they never leave our hearts.  Ever.  Mom does believe that.  I do too.  Hannah, I never met you but Mom thought you were wonderful and that is all it takes for me.   Run free and happy Hannah and say hello to Wraggs and Bob for me. 

OK, I must nap now.  I need my beauty rest.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I hate Mondays. And Heathens.

Here we are at another Monday.  I hate Mondays.  I am not sure why but everyone else does so I figured I must hate them too!  I don't see any difference to any other day.  My job is the same every day.  Snuggle with Mom.  Nibble kibble.  Nap. 

It is raining here today.  Mom got out of the house for a bit and it rained on her.  She didn't melt so whatever you thought of her, she is not a witch and does not melt in the rain.   We need the rain and none of us need to go out in it so it can rain all day!

Hermie showing off his long legs.  And his thumbs.  I'm kind of surprised he isn't in Mom's purse. 

Robin is in LOVE with the catnip plant.  Better the plant than me.  I cannot stand that heathen, I don't even have to see him and I grumble.  Mom took me into the front room last night at bedtime and sat on the couch with me.  I hissed and growled and was not a happy girl.  Robin was in one of the cat caves and wasn't doing anything to me but I just think he is horrible and refuse to be nice. 

Louie has grown into a handsome heathen.  I hate him. 

Oh, I just want to kiss that nose.  Isn't cute? 

yeah, I would stick my tongue out too if Mom put her finger in my face.  yewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

What???? Me in a sexy pose?  Not really, I am trying to sleep and Mom intruded.  I LOVE this blankie, it is very soft and kneadable. 

OK, the rain is getting to me, I am going to nap.  I hope tomorrow it is sunny.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a Princess

Well, crap, I didn't get a chance to write a post yesterday.  I was busy you see.  Busy.  Napping.  Yes, that makes me busy.  Look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls.  Napping = busy. 

Mom is doing OK.  She is  bit stressed about stuff.  I don't ask, but I know she is.  I'm doing my best to make her comfortable.  I make sure she gets plenty of sleep.  The exercise thing I don't do so she is on her own with that.  I do not do exercise

OMC, I cannot get rest with these things around.

Yes, this is the bathtub.  There is a reason for this.  Mom got in the habit back with Misty was alive.  Misty was old.  He would forget where the litter box was and pee just any old place.  Mom didn't like that her stuff would be peed on so she got in the habit of putting things in the tub cause they were safe there.  Even though none of us kitties has a pee issue, Mom still does this silly thing.  It works for her. 

Go away.  Far away.

Hermie, do NOT smell me!

Well, that is today.  I'm sure tomorrow will much the same.  Nap, snack on kibble, nap, look cute, nap.  This is really hard work!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spying on the neighbors

I finally went into the front room last night....but Mom had to carry me and I didn't growl at her.  She said 'Ellie, you haven't spied on the neighbors lately, tell me what they are doing' and she left me there.  I've missed my spy duties.  I like to know what is going on out there.  I was sure Robin was in the room but he didn't bother me.  Nope, I wasn't bothered at all.  Maybe he is OK but I won't let him know that. 

Mom is still doing that exercise thing.  I don't get it but she said 'yipee' when she got on the scale and then said numbers to me and was excited.  She also tried on a air of pants yesterday and said 'see Ellie, I have lost!'.  Not enough yet but the pants she put on looked good on her.  She says it is cause she watches 'What Not To Wear' and pays attention to what they say is good and what isn't.  Thankfully she listens. 

The boys have been silly lately.  Hermie was just in molesting Mom, he thinks here hair is soooo fun.  He buries his head in her hair and just loves on her.  It makes her giggle, which is a good sound. 

Hermie is so cute, but odd. 

And Mom walked out into the family room last night and found Robin sitting on the couch.  He has never done that before either.  Something is up with that dude.  He is starting to act like Mom isn't evil.  Even today he jumped up on Mom's desk when she was using the computer.  He surprised her.  She did go out and pick him up and sit on the couch with him, scratching his neck and chin.  I think she is hoping that Robin becomes a lap cat.  I'm hoping he remembers his place. 

We are so ready for Mom to get employed again.  She is trying.  I've heard her say it.  I'd like her to have a nice job.  One that intrigues her.  And keeps her employed.  We need her out of here cause we kitties need some rest. 

Well, on that note, I am going to continue with my nap. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Space Invader

OMC, Robin invaded MY SPACE last night.  Mom heard a sweet meow early this morning and it wasn't me.  It was that damned Robin!  He even came into the family room and rubbed against Mom's legs when I was in there.  Who the hell does he think he is?  A member of this family?  Oh OK, yeah, he is but it doesn't mean I have to like him, does it? 

Not much has been going on here.  It was cold last night again but I was warm and that is all that matters to me. 

Oh, Mom read an article on the Internet about how cats react to stress.  They talked about the stuff Robin has, the thing he takes an antidepressant for.  Was very interesting.  I don't deal well with change, but I'm a cat.  But seems humans don't deal well with it either.  Not sure if they pee inappropriately when they are stressed.  I hope not!  That would icky.  Anyway, Mom says change is a fact of life, everything changes.  Most times for the better.  She also said that someone can whine and bitch about it but that doesn't mean things won't change still.  Mom thinks change is good.  I'm sure she changed her underwear this morning and she even took a shower.  I don't wear underwear (I'm a CAT!) and a shower is out of the question. I will allow Mom to use a wash clothe to clean my bottom.  I can't reach cause of my.....mmmm fluff.  Anyway, I don't like change but Mom seems to roll with it and that is good.

Heathens are doing good.  They've been enjoying patio time. 
Oh there is that awful Robin.  He is just not totally awful I guess.

You know how cats are with boxes and the heathens are no exception.  Hermie cannot stay away from a box.  He LOVES them!

OOOO, I think Louie is going to be mailed away!  whoohoo, no one will be humping me!  What?  Well, dammit, I just cannot win. 

I need to rest, it was a rough night with Robin meowing and waking me up.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mom is Stoopid!

Mom is STOOPID!  She burned her hand last night when she took the chicken out of the oven.  Then she dropped the pan when it burnt her.  Dropped it on the oven door.  So this is what happened.  She washed her hands and the hot pad got some of that water on it.  Mom went to take the pan out of the oven and whammo, she got burned real fast with the wet hot pad and the very hot pan.  It is better this morning, doesn't hurt but last night, damn, it stung!  Lots of aloe was put on it to cool and soothe.  Of course she won't learn her lesson.  I did get to eat some of the chicken, it was yummy.  We eat lots of chicken here.  Mom is on that DIEt of eating right and exercise.  She says she feels better and she is seeing muscles in her legs reappear.  Whew, finally, she doesn't cringe when she puts on her jeans.  She only has elebentynine pounds to lose.  pssst, Mom is a toadie. 

It turned cold here again,.  Now remember, this is Florida.  Everyone can whine about their snow but they live up north.  We in Florida are not used to temps lower than 50 degrees.  I cuddled real close to Mom all night and hogged the blankets.  She kept trying to get the blanket from me and I wouldn't budge.  I was happy and warm.  I know I should share but Mom, I was comfy, it is all about me you know. 

I heard that there was another kitty at Uncle Tony's house.  The kitty was orange and living outside and wanted in their house really bad.  But like us, they have 4 cats and just couldn't have another kitty.  So Monday night that kitty got to come in their house for the night then yesterday he went to the vet for a check up and shots and then he went up to the place where they place kitties.  Not the humane society but a store that helps cats get adopted.  I know Mom wanted to get that kitty, she would have adopted him, cause she has a big heart.  I think secretly she would have named him Orange Apple after her very first kitty.  Thankfully Mom doesn't live close enough to get that kitty.  Whew.  Dodge a bullet there!

The end (for today at least!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I get some greens, finally

Well, finally, life is good. 
I got some greens delivered to me in MY bathroom (OK, Mom's bathroom but it is mine too, we share).  I needed them too, burp.

Hehe, Hermie!!!  Don't stick your tongue out at the really yummy greens!

Mom is trying to eat better and exercise daily.  We kitties are very supportive of this of course.  If it makes Mom happy, then we are for it.  Not that any of us will go walking with her but we will watch out the window for her to come home.  OK, the heathens will, I don't like to look out the window during the day.  Outside scares me.  Anyway, Mom is down a little bit in weight, she has 15-20 pounds to go.  WAIT, that is how much I weigh....Mom???  Am I going anywhere?  I like it here, don't want to go anywhere.  ah, Mom just told me it is her ass and the weight around her middle that is going anywhere.  Good, I like it here.  Anyway, Mom is on a mission to drop some weight and be healthier.  I hear she is going to jog some while on her walk today. 

I'm going to take another nap.  I can't get enough naps.