Sunday, January 2, 2011

And so it continues...........

Day 2 of the new year.  Has anything changed?  Not really.  Mom did take a shower though...oh wait, she does that every single day, sometimes more than once even.  She has this thing about being clean.  I'm clean and I don't shower. 

Mom has started with the picture thing again.  I tell you, we cats cannot catch a break!  She takes pictures of us all the time. 

Oh Robin is all smug in HIS new bed.  But his isn't pink and we all know, PINK is the bestest! 

Lookie there.....Louie is being naughty.  Will wonders never cease. 

Whoa!  An action shot.  Robin tried to hurt my sweet Hermie!  Mom, do not let Hermie get hurt!  (Hermie was fine, cats have to do this, it is called 'play').

Goodness, Hermie sure is intent on looking outside.  I am not sure what he sees, birdies I bet. 

Oh, Louie has to try and show off too.  Wonder what he sees....probably visions of me.  He just LOVES to harass me. 

Mom sure catches us kitties in some interesting shots  Robin seems pretty comfortable here, finally.  He isn't SO horrible. 

Last night Mom picked me up at bedtime and took me into the front room.  You know how I feel about that (hate it) cause THAT kitty Robin is in there.  But she put me in the soft squishy bed and that was OK, for a little while at least.  I didn't stay long...didn't want Robin to get near me.  Mom sat on the couch with Robin too, he was in HIS bed.  Mom got to love on him a bit.  She is trying to win him over.  She is hoping that 2011 is the year that Robin decides she is OK.  pssst, Robin, Mom is OK. 

mmm, Mom, those are your stinky shoes.  Get them on and exercise! 

Wait, why is this picture here?  I do not want to have my size compared to the size of a stinky running shoe.

I'm not liking where this is going at all.  Now there is a slipper on me?  How will this end?

OK, I am off to nap, far, far away from the damned slipper.  Not too far though, the bedroom door is shut to keep Heathens away from me (I like my beauty sleep to be heathenless).

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