Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring it on!

We had a party last night!  Not really of course, it was just Mom, me and the heathens.  Mom didn't even have any wine or anything like that.  She says 'calories I do not need' and 'money spent that I do not need to spend'.  So no wine or stuff for now.  Yeah, she will have some now and then but right now...not happening. 

So last night was really exciting.  Mom gave her feet a nice soaking and scraped off callused skin.  Mom is very weird.  And we watched some stuff called 'Marx Brothers'.  I didn't find them funny but Mom thinks they are entertaining and she controls the remote.  We also talked to all the other crazy cat ladies online.  But Mom got sleepy....she wasn't feeling well still (sinuses are killing her still!) so we went to bed.  But Robin wasn't happy.  All those fireworks outside were scaring him.  He remembered what it was like to live outside around those things.  He kept following Mom, wanting to be with her and be safe.  He did finally settle down.  The other two?  Louie liked watching the pretty lights out the window and Hermie slept.  Me?  I snuggled as close to Mom as I could when those nasty things went off outside.  But we both fell asleep pretty easily, even though those things were going off. 

Not much is going on today.  It is quiet around here.  Robin puked this morning.  Mom knows this cause she saw the little blue pill in the puke.  She didn't give him another pill cause that would not have been good, he may have gotten some of the medicine in him. 

The boys also got to go outside on the patio, AFTER Mom checked for lizards.  No repeats from yesterday when Hermie grabbed one 5 seconds after going out.  Mom made him drop it and then made all the boys come in the house.  Today they were better.  Plus Mom checked to make sure lizards were safe. 
A picture from early 2010.  Hermie being bad.  (I didn't know he could be bad.....I like bad boys)

Another from last year, Louie being mean to me.  I don't like ALL bad boys. 

OK, I need to recover from the wild party of last night.  I'm going to nap now that Mom is done cleaning. 

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