Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disgusting display

Dear Bastet!  The horror!  I feel much disgust. 

Here's the deal.  Last night, bedtime, I went out into the front room the glare at Robin.  I am good at it.  Anyway, Mom comes out and sees me and ignores me.  She sat down on the couch were Robin was sleeping and started  talking to him a little bit.  Robin took that as an invitation to KNEAD ON MY MOM!  He was so happy, kneading away on Mom's tummy and occasionally a boob.  He was drooling.  Mom had heathen drool on her!  And get this, Mom was happy!  I was disgusted.  I cannot believe that his filthy heathen paws were on MY MOM!

I could barely eat after that disgusting show.  But I did.  It takes a lot to keep this figure.

Mom is feeling much better.  I know that I am glad for that.  The heathens, doubtful that they care.  Oh yes, they may think she is good, she gives them gooshy foods and lets them out on the patio but they don't get to sleep with her.  neener neener

Mom also got her hair trimmed yesterday.  She is growing it out.  And while that happens, it needs to be trimmed to not look awful.  She came home with one those bumpits things on her head, we all laughed.  Thankfully when Mom washed it this morning that was gone.

I heard her fussing about health insurance too.  She got 4 bills on Friday.  Two each from two different insurance companies.  Yeah, that is fun.  She had to make sure that she pays the right one.  Yup, she is.  Even better, it is less expensive than the other one.  Mom is happier.  She said '$102 is way better than $170'.  Well, of course it is Mom.  We kitties know that.  Means more gooshies and kibble for us.

Vacuuming and moping and laundry are happening today.  Nope, I won't do a lick of that.  Mom has to do it all!  I'm going to rest.    I'll let the heathens help mom

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