Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Excellent Adventure

I am full of surprises.  I really shocked Mom last night. 

See, I rarely get up on things.  I rarely leave my bedroom, it is safe in there and I like it in there.  Well, last night at bedtime I wasn't in the bedroom with Mom.  I needed to explore and spread my wings a bit.  Mom came out looking for me in the usual places.  She even turned on the light.  I wasn't on the floor under the coffee table.  I wasn't on the couch.  I wanted to see different things.  So I did this.
I got on the kitchen table!!!  I didn't use the chair to help me even.  I JUMPED!  Yes, I am tubby but I have been watching my calories and sleeping lots (that is exercise).  Obviously this is helping me. 

Mom stood there and kept taking pictures. 

Mom, I think you need to take the bucket for dog food out of the house now.  We don't have a doggie anymore. 

oooo, look, I found some kitty snacks on the table!  This is AWESOME!

Oh no, an ass shot!
Mom, why are you taking my picture, help me down from here.

Oh, look at my pretty colors!  I was thinking of getting into the window but Mom said no.  So I finally jumped off the table and ran into the bedroom to be with Mom. 

It was an excellent adventure!

Well, crap, Mom doesn't feel good.  She thinks she has a UTI.  She is going to the doctor.  I hope they don't poke her too much.  Mom is smart though, she recognized that she has the signs.  And thankfully she can get into the doctor early this afternoon.  I know what they feel like, I had one before  and it HURT.  I'm just thankful that Mom got me to the doctor and helped me.  I'm sure the doctor will help Mom.  I see lots of cranberry juice and water in Mom's future.  I just don't want to see her crying in the bathroom. 

Still napping....I bet Mom will be joining me after her doctor appointment.

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