Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fresh poop boxes!

Here we are, a week in to 2011 and it is the same old thing.  Oh wait, there is something new.  We have clean litter boxes!  Mom took all the stinky stuff out, took the boxes outside and cleaned then and let them dry and put in nice fresh, unused, unstinkified, kitty litter!   And she cleaned the house.  It is like she has energy or something. 

Robin is still rubbing it in that he won something.  I am excited though, I guess there is a prize involved.  Mom says it will be a good 'hurricane kit'.  It is for cat emergencies, like when we run out of kibble or fancy feast.  THAT IS AN EMERGENCY!

Looks like Louie is helping Mom with typing.  He better not get in the way of the blog writing.  Is important stuff here!

Mom's Aunt called her last night, to see how she is doing.  Her Aunt is 80 years old, still living in their house, she and her husband of 55 years.  Mom liked talking to her.  She is her only Aunt left and is Grandpa's little sister.  They talked about cats and how it is something that they all share, their love of kitties.  Yeah, I know Mom loves us, especially me. 

Mom didn't scream this morning when she got on that scale thing.  I did hear 'yipee'.  I think that is good.  She is looking better and feeling better too.  She isn't unbuttoning her jeans to make her feel more comfortable and her butt is looking better.  Not that I am looking or anything. 

And we both got some good sleep last night.  I slept in the other room cause Mom moves too much.  She still has a bit of a sinus headache and finally figured out that she pulled a muscle in her neck.  She can't turn her head a certain way.  It takes a while for things to heal.  I hope she feels better soon.  At least she isn't crying in pain anymore. 

I better get to my nap.  And Mom better get to her walkie. 

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