Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am hot and proud of it

Well, here we are on day four of 2011 and it is FABULOUS!  I am so rockin' this year.  In my own way of course.
Here I am, showing off my gorgeous floofiness.  I bet you had no idea that I was so, what is the word, hot! 
Yes, I am hot.   THAT must be why Louie keeps accosting me.  I tell you, I am so not into what he wants.  I had sex ONCE, just ONCE and got pregnant.  I had the babies but I had a hard time sustaining them and me on my meager rations.  So I am not doing THAT again, no matter how much Louie sweet talks me. 

Oh, last night Mom was in bed and she heard me making noises.  She wasn't sure what I was doing so she turned on the light and looked.  I was doing drugs.  Catnip!  Oh man, I love catnip.  Did you know it is a sexual thing for us kitties?  I prefer that over the other kind any day!
This is what I looked like last night, kind of, but I was making all sorts of noises.  Happy kitty noises.  Not like when Louie tries to have his way with me. 

Did you hear?  That heathen, Robin, is on Stuff on My Cat today.  It really ticks me off.  I mean, I thought I should have been on there.  After all, I am the cutest in the house.  Oh yes, no one submitted a picture of me.  Nope (Mom, get with it already, send in pictures of me!)

Stoopid Robin on SOMC

Yes, I am really ticked off about that. 

This is funny.  Mom was walking thru the house yesterday and saw something on the couch that wasn't there earlier.
Hermie does like his balls doesn't he.  yeah, he put them balls up there.  Mom laughed when she saw them, it was typical Hermie. 

I guess he is being weird with Mom too.  She was sitting on the floor in front of the couch, playing on the laptop (again) and Hermie came up behind her and was going thru her hair.  She said it was like he was molesting her!  He can bother me anytime.  Almost.  Except when I am sleeping and resting. 

I'm going to get some more beauty rest now.  I am not sure just how pretty I will turn out.  You will have to wait and see.

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