Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I get some greens, finally

Well, finally, life is good. 
I got some greens delivered to me in MY bathroom (OK, Mom's bathroom but it is mine too, we share).  I needed them too, burp.

Hehe, Hermie!!!  Don't stick your tongue out at the really yummy greens!

Mom is trying to eat better and exercise daily.  We kitties are very supportive of this of course.  If it makes Mom happy, then we are for it.  Not that any of us will go walking with her but we will watch out the window for her to come home.  OK, the heathens will, I don't like to look out the window during the day.  Outside scares me.  Anyway, Mom is down a little bit in weight, she has 15-20 pounds to go.  WAIT, that is how much I weigh....Mom???  Am I going anywhere?  I like it here, don't want to go anywhere.  ah, Mom just told me it is her ass and the weight around her middle that is going anywhere.  Good, I like it here.  Anyway, Mom is on a mission to drop some weight and be healthier.  I hear she is going to jog some while on her walk today. 

I'm going to take another nap.  I can't get enough naps.

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