Friday, January 28, 2011

I hate Louie

Oh no!  I kissed Louie last night and Mom saw me.  Then I pretended to hit him.  Mom giggled at me when I did that.  I thought I was being sneaky but nooooo, I was being watched.  Then Mom was on the phone with someone and I figured she was talking to me so I was rolling around, being cute.  Mom was touching me and I started growling.  Mom stopped touching me and I continued to roll around and fell off the bed.  Mom couldn't laugh cause she didn't want her friend to think she was totally weird.  She is weird but doesn't need to have it spread around. 

And she has been thinking about what was said to her yesterday about the job.  She thinks that if it was bad, they would have said 'we are not going to be filling any positions now and we don't want to talk to you' but instead she heard 'there have been some changes in the office and I would like to talk to you about it'.  Mom's sister says 'sounds very strong'.  I think so too.  So does Mom's friend she talked to last night.  He is in her corner, wants her employed, says she has been out too long and needs to work!  Bastard, we want Mom at home!  Oh well, we know, she has to be employed to keep us in our noms. 

Mom told us kitties that when that lady Linda comes to visit, that we have to be on our best behavior.  I say NO.  Oh wait, I will be hiding under Mom's bed.  The only way Linda will see me is if she crawls down on the floor and looks and sees all the cat toys and dust bunnies under the bed.  Mom won't let her do that!  I am pretty sure that this is how the boys will behave:  Robin will be curious, probably will be friendly with the lady.  Hermie will be cautious, just in case the lady is mean.  And Louie will throw himself on the floor and expose his tummy for rubs.  Louie, in case you didn't know, is a slut for tummy rubs. 

Mom got an envelope from Wilbur and Orville's Mom.  Louie says it has the most AWESOME cat smells.  He has decided that the papers are his. 

ooooo, look, Hermie butt!  He is so darned cute, even his butt is cute!

Mom said I did good by putting out pictures of her pet friends of the past.  She loved them all.  Just like she loves us.  Grandma and Grandpa did good with Mom and her brother and sister.  They all love us furkids.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, for raising them right.

I must nap now.  Mom was restless all night and kept waking me up.  I need my beauty sleep!

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