Monday, January 24, 2011

Interloper is interloping in my territory!

We all had a good day yesterday.  The  heathens got some patio time and I was safe in Mom's bedroom.  Now if Mom would only open that door on the patio to the troubles would be out of here!  But alas, she says 'heathens are here forever'.  Well, shit. 

Last night Mom went out in the front room again to see Robin.  Robin was in the cat cave so Mom just sat on the couch.  It took the heathen 2 minutes to get up on the couch with her.  He even went over and walked across her lap!  Mom says 'progress, we have a little progress'.  I think we have a gray and white heathen. 

Mom didn't work out yesterday, instead she shredded stuff.  My mom is weird, she doesn't want us kitties shredding things but it is fine and dandy for her to be doing it.  But all that is done and her tax stuff is gathering.  Mom is weird!!!  I just have to say that, I love her but she is weird!   She says she is going to work out today.  Good, your ass is getting fat mom!  Get off of it and make it smaller.  Mom isn't fat but she could stand to lose a few pounds.  We kitties totally support her in this endeavor. 

I gotta tell ya about my dream last night.  I dreamt I was a butterball turkey!  I was wrapped up in Mom's arms but I was a butterball turkey.  I am not sure what that means.....I'm sure there is some deep psychological meaning.  Really, it was Mom who dreamt she had her arms around a butterball turkey but really it was ME!!  It totally made her smirk in the middle of the night.  I was happy, I had Mom's arms around me, it is the safest place a kitty can be. 

OK, I need to get back to my beauty rest.  I'll see you cats later!
(psssst, that is Bob's eye, he had freckles....I miss my orange boy)

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