Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've been quiet lately

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday.  Mom had other things going on and couldn't help me.  I'll tell you later what went on with her.  It is kind of exciting.

I'm doing really well, getting lots of rest (I slept right next to Mom last night again, that is the best), I'm eating well (Mom found me in the kitchen eating some of Robin's kibble again and said she is going to have to move it where I won't eat it, dammit!).  Of course the heathens are still here.  Bane of my existence but they are here. 

So why didn't I write yesterday?  Mom had an appointment.  And INTERVIEW even.  She was excited about it, scared about it, nervous about it.  She thinks it went well.    Cross your paws for Mom please, we want her to get a job even if it does mean she won't be home with us kitties all day long and she might have to travel to foreign places. 

Mom had a friend over last evening and Louie was being his usual intrusive self, getting in the way of things, looking at stuff.  Mom kept saying 'Louie, get down, Louie, stop that'.  Mom's friend said that he LIKED the skinny cat.  LIKED LOUIE??  I ask you, what could anyone see in that, that, that HEATHEN!  I don't see it.  Of course no one but Mom and the vet have ever really seen me.  I hide when someone comes to the door.  I only like Mom.  She isn't scary, strangers are scary, even if Mom likes them, they are scary.  But someone likes Louie.  sheesh.  Hey, if someone likes Louie, Mom, you can give Louie to them! 

Well, crap.  Mom said no can do.  Louie stays here cause she LOVES him.  I don't.  I think that is much more important.  My needs and wants really must be met. 

No, this is not a new kitty in the house.  This is Gypsy, one of the kitties that live with Mom's brother and his family.  Gypsy is like me.  SHE IS TOO!  She was an outside kitty who they rescued.  The rescue thing is rampant in this family. 

On a sad note, on of the ladies that Mom knows from a message board (she has known her for almost 10 years now I think), had to have her kitty, Hannah, put to sleep on Monday.  Hannah was a rescue too.  The nice lady who saved her life rescued her from a bad situation and helped her when she was sick.  Hannah had a cancerous leg so it had to be amputated.  Hannah became her heart cat and when Brenda (that is the lady) lost her on Monday, part of her heart left.  Mom told Brenda that even though our friends leave us physically they never leave our hearts.  Ever.  Mom does believe that.  I do too.  Hannah, I never met you but Mom thought you were wonderful and that is all it takes for me.   Run free and happy Hannah and say hello to Wraggs and Bob for me. 

OK, I must nap now.  I need my beauty rest.

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