Thursday, January 27, 2011

I've gone to the dogs

So, things are still going on here.  Mom is smiling.  She said '2nd interview!!!'  I do not know what that means, even though Mom explained it to me...something about 'getting a job, not being home, more kibble'.  Oh, I like that last one.  Not sure about the other two. 

I do hope the job happens.  It would be a whole lot of work for her but damn, we need kibble here!  Nah, we are not suffering.  Mom always makes sure we kitties have our kibble, gooshy foods, treats, fresh litter.  And lots of love.  That is the best part.  No wait, kibble, gooshy foods and treats are the best part.  Fresh litter is good.  Then all that love stuff. 

So yesterday I showed more pictures of kitties past.  Today, something different.  Doggies!
This is Priscilla.  Her Mom was Teena and her Dad was the Pomeranian down the street, Wilfred.  Helen really loved Prissy.  Prissy died the winter of 1979 after being hit by a car in front of the house (in a blizzard).  Mom ran out to pick her up (mom was bare footed but didn't care) and Prissy was in such pain, she bit Mom.  Mom didn't care.  She took Prissy back in the house.  Nothing could be done to save her.  Grandma grieved.  Mom knew who hit her, she went to school with him and let the ass have it when school was back in session and never spoke to him again.  He was speeding, in a subdivision, in the middle of a blizzard, knew he hit a dog but left.  Bastard.
Prissy was a great dog, she was shaped like me.  Round.  And she was very smart, just like me!

This is Tracy, Mom's dog.  She was part husky and something.  Mom got her when she was in 5th grade and took thru 4H training and the fair.  At the 4H fair, Mom and Tracy were in the obedience ring and Tracy was at a sit and stay.  She didn't, she took off across the ring.  Mom grabbed hold of her neck and was dragged across the ring.  From what she was told, Grandpa jumped a 6 foot fence (it was 18 inches) to get to Mom and the crowd gasped (I guess they did).  Tracy got a white ribbon for that.  But she got a red ribbon in the show ring.  Tracy loved Mom and was very protective of her.  She didn't like anyone making Mom upset.  She also didn't like when Grandpa hugged Grandma.  Good doggie.
This is Mom and Tracy.  Oh my.  Look at Tracy.  She is skinny and young.  hmmm, that other pictures she is chunkier but that is about 2 years later.  And look at Mom! 

Oh a later picture of Mom and Tracy.  And Grandma's finger. 

What the heck?  A birthday party for dogs?  How stoopid!

Mom as a little girl and the dog is Teena. She was a rat terrier mix and very smart.  I don't think dogs are smart but this one, I guess she was smart. 

Oh, Mom and Tracy again.  This was when Tracy was still very young.  Mom was pretty young too.  Only elebenty years old.  

I sure am going thru old pictures lately.  It is fun to see though.  Now of course, I am off for my early afternoon nap.  And I hear Mom is going to go for a long walk again.  Something about 'fat ass'. 

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