Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitties of the past

Oh boy!  We are supposed to have weather today.  It is very breezy outside right now.  And they said something about possible hail and tornadoes.  I don't know what either of those are but Mom said 'shit'.  Seems she knows what those things are...she grew up in Nebraska and knows those things.  She also knows what snow is but that is a winter thing up north.  We don't live there, thankfully.  They can keep snow! 

Mom had a rough nights sleep.  Not sure what was going on but she tossed and turned all night.  She had nightmares too, about that old job place and being on call.  Shibbers....I know she hated it.  Thankfully she is home with us kitties for now.  She will work again.  I am ready for her to get out of here. I'm not napping near enough.
Oh this is an old picture.  These handsome boys were Mom's kitties when she was a teenager.  Pepsi and Nikki.  Pepsi was a lost kitty that they adopted and Nikki was Mom's baby.  Gorgeous kitties.  Nikki liked to wander the neighborhood and got hit by a car.  He dragged himself home to be with Mom. They tried to save him, took him to an emergency vet but he passed away.  Pepsi was an older kitty when he was found.  He lived till 1990, to close to 20 years old. 

Ooooooo, a baby Nikki!   What a cute little kitty.
Nikki and Pepsi were good cats.  They slept with Mom, just like I do.  But they had to share her.  I don't!

For kitties that did not grow up together, these boys were very close. 

After Nikki died, Mom's brother and sister-in-law gave her Rocky, to help ease the loss.  Rocky's name was Rickie and Mom couldn't deal with that so she changed his name to Rocky.  Rocky adored Mom's Mom.  He wasn't that thrilled with Mom.

Here is a photo of Pepsi and Rocky in their golden years.  Pepsi is close to 20 years old by now, has no teeth, wants to sleep under a heat lamp.  Rocky has had to take female hormones to stop his humping of Pepsi.  Do you know what happens when a boy kitty takes girl kitty hormones?  He got FAT!  And he no longer humped Pepsi.  pssst, Mom, you might want to think about that for Louie.  (well, crap, Mom says no!)  Rocky passed away in the 90's before Bob appeared in the house.  He continued to love Grandma and Grandma loved him. 

wow, we went down memory lane today.  I guess kitties and doggies have been a big part of Mom's life.  She wishes there were pictures of her horse someplace, but none!  I don't think he existed.  Nope. 

I better get back to my sleep, looking at old pictures made me feel extra special to be with Mom.  Know that she has this relationship with her kitties really makes me feel special.

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