Friday, January 21, 2011

Litter box issues

Oh cats!  We kitties were really worried about Mom yesterday.  She got really sick.  She had to go to the doctor lady even.  Found out she had not only a UTI but a bladder infection.  Sheesh!  So now Mom knows what I felt like and what Robin felt like.  The doctor lady told Mom she caught it early and that Mom must read.  mmm, yes, Mom likes to read lots of different information.  She is edumacated even!

We all knew she wasn't feeling good when she went to bed at 4pm.  She didn't really sleep but Louie, Hermie and I all layed down with her to give her good vibes.  Once she rested a bit and got some food in her, she was better.  And do you know what she ate?  She got chicken fingers (chickens have fingers!!!) and a vanilla milk shake.  Mom couldn't cook so she went to the drive thru and got bad food.  Everything smelled really yummy and we kitties were swarming hoping for some.  But we didn't get any of it!  Bitch!

And then I got to sleep with Mom last night too!  She barely moved but I kept checking on her to make sure she was breathing.  I understand she had some strange dreams.  Even had a dream with Wraggs in it. 

Today she is MUCH better.  Whew.  I'm glad.  I hate a sick Mom. 

Oh man, Robin is talking back at Mom.  Bad boy!

We got lots of rain again last night and this morning.  Hermie has no problem with the water, he actually LIKES it. 

So life is better today.  Mom is feeling better and finally did the dishes (good Bastet, do the dishes Mom!!!)  I am resting my gorgeous self and will make an appearance in the house later. 

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