Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mom is Stoopid!

Mom is STOOPID!  She burned her hand last night when she took the chicken out of the oven.  Then she dropped the pan when it burnt her.  Dropped it on the oven door.  So this is what happened.  She washed her hands and the hot pad got some of that water on it.  Mom went to take the pan out of the oven and whammo, she got burned real fast with the wet hot pad and the very hot pan.  It is better this morning, doesn't hurt but last night, damn, it stung!  Lots of aloe was put on it to cool and soothe.  Of course she won't learn her lesson.  I did get to eat some of the chicken, it was yummy.  We eat lots of chicken here.  Mom is on that DIEt of eating right and exercise.  She says she feels better and she is seeing muscles in her legs reappear.  Whew, finally, she doesn't cringe when she puts on her jeans.  She only has elebentynine pounds to lose.  pssst, Mom is a toadie. 

It turned cold here again,.  Now remember, this is Florida.  Everyone can whine about their snow but they live up north.  We in Florida are not used to temps lower than 50 degrees.  I cuddled real close to Mom all night and hogged the blankets.  She kept trying to get the blanket from me and I wouldn't budge.  I was happy and warm.  I know I should share but Mom, I was comfy, it is all about me you know. 

I heard that there was another kitty at Uncle Tony's house.  The kitty was orange and living outside and wanted in their house really bad.  But like us, they have 4 cats and just couldn't have another kitty.  So Monday night that kitty got to come in their house for the night then yesterday he went to the vet for a check up and shots and then he went up to the place where they place kitties.  Not the humane society but a store that helps cats get adopted.  I know Mom wanted to get that kitty, she would have adopted him, cause she has a big heart.  I think secretly she would have named him Orange Apple after her very first kitty.  Thankfully Mom doesn't live close enough to get that kitty.  Whew.  Dodge a bullet there!

The end (for today at least!)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mommy's hand. :~( Hope it gets better soon. Yes, you sure did dodge a bullet there! I know you don't want any more boys in the house. LOL!