Thursday, January 6, 2011


Holy cat!!!  Mom checked the storage available for her blog photos....she didn't have much room left.  So she purchased a little more space (a lot more space) for a year.  Now I can put more pictures of me on here!  The world needs to see more of ME!

A thunderstorm came thru early this morning and woke me and Mom up.  Mom hadn't slept well anyway due to her sinuses really making her head hurt.  Her neck hurts too.  Hopefully they will stop hurting her soon.  Mom even slept with the heating pad on her neck for a while last night.  A very crappy night of sleep for Mom.  And I did cute stuff this morning.  She was going to get up but I plopped down on her legs and did the 'I'm a cute little kitty' look.  Mom smiled and loved on me.  Life is good! 

Mom finally planted some of the cat grass for us kitties.  It is about time!  But when the boys are out on the patio they keep trying to eat the baby grass.  Mom won't let them, she tells them NO NO NO.  They don't understand that.
OOOO, 3 pots of cat greens, I can't see much in there yet.  Oh yeah, this is from yesterday.
One day later, look at all the yummy hurl material!  Mom won't let us have it yet though.  Meanie!

So there was lots of rain last night and there was a puddle on the patio. 

Louie wasn't thrilled with the water but he wanted to see stuff!

Hermie really didn't care whether he was sitting in water or not.  He wanted that birdie that was in the back yard. 

Robin is into yoga now.  Mom has EVERYONE exercising and being fit these days.  Well, except me of course.

I better nap some more.  I'm still recovering from the interrupted sleep last night.  Mom of course, says she is going for a long walk again this afternoon.  She is seeing weight changes and knows that the exercise and eating right is working. 

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