Friday, January 7, 2011

Robin is a winner!

Well, I believe hell froze over today.  Robin won a contest on SOMC.  Yes, I know, it is horrible. 
This isn't the exact picture but dang close.   I do not see it, why does anyone think this is cute at all. 

I guess Robin is all excited about his prize.  I'm guessing he thinks it is all about him.  Well, I have something to tell you, Robin, it is all about ME.  It is best if you remember that little bit of information.  I am THE ONE in this house.  I wonder what he is a bowling alley?  Or a lamp?  Will be exciting to see what arrives.  I hope he shares with me.  I don't care if he shares with the other heathens, but he needs and will share with me. 

Mom says she is feeling better, finally.  The headaches have been really mean to her.  They've almost made her cry.  Stupid sinus headache.  But it isn't getting her down.  She even went walking again yesterday.  Can you imagine?  Exercising?  Mom, stop.  Embrace your fluffiness!

What?  Another picture of the whiner? 

Mom was sitting in the office this morning and Robin came in and tapped her on the arm.  He wanted something.  But he wouldn't tell her. 

He sat on the floor, looking at Mom.  And then tapped her arm again.  He ran out of the room and told her what he wanted.  He wanted some catnip!  It only took Mom 10 minutes to figure it out.  Mom isn't the brightest crayon in the box. 

So today is all about Robin.  gack.  Moron.  Doofus.  Heathen.  I suppose he is doing to be like this for months now. 

Me, I am going to nap and try to get the image of Robin out of my gorgeous little head. 

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