Monday, January 10, 2011

Salad Bar

So you know Mom planted some cat grass for us cats.  I haven't gotten a chance to have any yet.  But, well, you know. 
Yes, they got to partake of the greens.  Do I?  No.  Of course not.  Well mostly cause I don't want to be outside with them.  You never know when one of them might get the idea that humping me is fun.  Hell, Louie did it last night while I was on the bed with Mom, relaxing.  Two times even!  Mom protected me though.  Stoopid heathen.

I do like sleeping with Mom.  She is squishy and soft.  What?  She isn't?  Oh OK.  I did sleep on her last night.  She was sleeping on her side and I decided to take up residence on her legs.  I was not going to let her move.  I was comfy.  She made me move.  She said her neck hurt and that causes her head to hurt.  I do not get how my sitting on her legs when she is sleeping sideways makes her neck hurt but OK, I will try and not sleep on her.  She is awful comfy though. 

Mom says the weather is going to change too.  Into what?  Oh....rain and then a cold front.  I don't care, I am inside where it is warm.  Splendidly warm.  And safe.  Except for the occasional humping. 

Mom had a tough time on the computer this morning.  Hermie had his cute little ass on her mouse hand.  Of course, being Mom, she had to take a picture. 

Hermie do not get up on the top of Mom's desk.  You know she gets pissed cause she has to crawl up there and get your cute little ass down. 

Not much else is happening here.  Mom keeps working out (she says 2.4 pounds gone this week) and she is feeling much happier when she looks in the mirror.  She promised herself a present (ooo a new bra) when she loses 3 more pounds.    Meh, whatever.  She says stuff like 'eat healthy, exercise' and seems to think that is a good thing, that it helps her mood and her body.  I say 'sleep, eat whatever you want and don't worry about it'.  mmm, what?  oh OK, never mind.  Exercise and eat healthy.  blah blah blah

I'm going to nap.  I hear thunder in the distance and that makes me sleepy.  shhhh, everything makes me sleepy.  I'm a cat!

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