Friday, January 14, 2011

Spying on the neighbors

I finally went into the front room last night....but Mom had to carry me and I didn't growl at her.  She said 'Ellie, you haven't spied on the neighbors lately, tell me what they are doing' and she left me there.  I've missed my spy duties.  I like to know what is going on out there.  I was sure Robin was in the room but he didn't bother me.  Nope, I wasn't bothered at all.  Maybe he is OK but I won't let him know that. 

Mom is still doing that exercise thing.  I don't get it but she said 'yipee' when she got on the scale and then said numbers to me and was excited.  She also tried on a air of pants yesterday and said 'see Ellie, I have lost!'.  Not enough yet but the pants she put on looked good on her.  She says it is cause she watches 'What Not To Wear' and pays attention to what they say is good and what isn't.  Thankfully she listens. 

The boys have been silly lately.  Hermie was just in molesting Mom, he thinks here hair is soooo fun.  He buries his head in her hair and just loves on her.  It makes her giggle, which is a good sound. 

Hermie is so cute, but odd. 

And Mom walked out into the family room last night and found Robin sitting on the couch.  He has never done that before either.  Something is up with that dude.  He is starting to act like Mom isn't evil.  Even today he jumped up on Mom's desk when she was using the computer.  He surprised her.  She did go out and pick him up and sit on the couch with him, scratching his neck and chin.  I think she is hoping that Robin becomes a lap cat.  I'm hoping he remembers his place. 

We are so ready for Mom to get employed again.  She is trying.  I've heard her say it.  I'd like her to have a nice job.  One that intrigues her.  And keeps her employed.  We need her out of here cause we kitties need some rest. 

Well, on that note, I am going to continue with my nap. 

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