Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stormy Weather

We had bad storms here last night.  Lots of wind and rain.  We are all fine.  The tree lost some little twigs but it is still standing.  It is  BIG tree.  I'd never climb it.  Mostly cause it is outside.  Outside is very bad. 

It was an exciting day yesterday.  Sort of.  Mom was sitting at her desk in the office and she heard a loud sound.  Something falling.  She went looking.  And saw that the door to the garage was open.  It could only mean one thing.  LOUIE!  Yup, he had been out there.  He got up on something and knocked it down.  It wasn't a big deal.  But Mom was not happy he was out there.  She wants the garage to be off limits to us kitties.  You know what happens to us kitties when a door is shut and we aren't allowed in there.  We want to go out there MORE cause obviously there is cool stuff in that room.  I don't of course, cause I am an angel and never do anything wrong.  Mostly. 

Mom enjoyed putting out pictures yesterday of Pepsi, Nikki and Rocky.  They sound like good kitties. 

Oh look, a picture of Mom from 1983.  She knows this because Misty was a baby then.  The dog she is holding is Dino. 

This is a picture of Simone and 2 of her kids.  Simone is the lilac point.  PB (Pretty Boy) is the darker kitty and I think other one is Bambi. 

This is a picture from 1969.  Mom lived in a red house!  Simone and a bunch of her kids.  She looks like she was a good mom to her kits.  She had it easy.  Herman and Helen made sure she was safe and had food.  No, the kitties did not live outside, they were just out for some fresh air.

More of Simone's offspring.  She had lots of meezer babies.  All those cute. 
This is Simone.  Mom says that Simone was a papered Siamese kitty.  She came to live with Mom and the rest of them when Mom's sister had a baby.  Her sister's mother-in-law was silly and thought that Simone would hurt the new baby so Simone came to live with Mom.  She was supposed to be Mom's 8th birthday present, unfortunately, Simone didn't like Mom so much (what cat does like an 8 year old little girl!).  Simone instead loved Mom's brother Tony.  So much so that she had a few litters of kittens in his bed, with him in it.  She must have felt that was the safest place to be.  But Mom got to play with the kittens she had and love on them and they tolerated her pretty well. 

Mom, you need to put more recent pictures on here!  Pictures of ME!  Work on that.

Now I am back to rest.   

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