Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A tail to tell

Whew, I made it!  I just woke up in time to write in my blog.  Sometimes I just like to nap.  OK, most times I like to nap.  I won't deny it.  But see, I am a cat, I am allowed to nap.  Humans, not so much. 

I made Mom cry out this morning, get this....I walked on her leg and her bladder.  She said 'my legs hurt Ellie', I wanted to make sure.  And I knew she needed to get up so the bladder walking was my way of saying 'get up you lazy ass'. 

The boys are being boys.  Get this.  Yesterday afternoon Mom let them out on the patio.  She thought there were no lizards out there.  She thought wrong.  Louie caught the lizard.  Mom shut the patio door so he couldn't take it in the house.  She then made Louie drop the lizard.  He was not happy cause he also got put in the house.  Then Hermie proceeded to catch the lizard.  Mom made him drop the lizard and put him in the house.  Robin, he was too busy getting some catnip out of the catnip plant that he didn't bother the lizard.  He still got put in the house.

This is he lizard, look at those TOES!  Wait, where is the tail?  

Oh, there it is.  Mom found it this morning on the patio so she just HAD to take a picture of it.  Did you know that the tail can keep moving for a bit after the lizard has disengaged it?  And that lizards will grow their tail back?  It is a defense mechanism against heathens.  Actually against all predators.  Pretty cool.  

Two very different body types.  Hermie is on the left, he is lean and muscular.  Not sure why, he just is.  Louie is on the right, he is typical cat, he has the lose skin so he can jump and he is bigger.  Funny thing, they are really biological brothers so you would think they would be closer in body type.

So we get to Robin.  He has a can I put this nicely...oddities.  He tends to like to stand up and pee, but not always, he will squat.  He also likes to have Mom in the room when he pees, then she can make sure he keeps his butt down.  Now when he poops...this is what I find funny (wait, no, me being a former outside kitty, I do the same thing!).  He stands almost straight up to poop, he will keep one foot in the litter box and the other three are balancing on the edge of the litter box.  OK, not so strange, maybe all former outside kitties do that.  Or maybe just the ones in Mom's house (yes, I am going to blame Mom for this!)

Robin really, really likes catnip.  He spends quite a bit of his patio time rubbing up against the planter.  The other heathens are not interested but Robin, oh yes, he know it is some good stuff. 

And he just went into Mom's office and rubbed her feet and LICKED THEM!  Her FEET!  What a freak.  Robin, not Mom. 

I am going back in the bedroom and nap some more.  I heard Mom say she is going for another long walk today.  She walked for an hour yesterday and she said just a little more today.  It is nice here in Florida so she is walking outside while it is nice and not too hot and not cold and not raining.  I think a nap is a much better idea. 

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