Sunday, February 27, 2011

Death and Taxes

Man, it is SUNDAY already.  And that means Mom goes to work again tomorrow.  I guess that is OK, I sleep most of the day anyway.  I'm safe from heathens in my bedroom, I mean Mom's bedroom.

Yeah, it is hot here already.  It is February 27, 2011 and the air conditioner is turned on.  Of course it is also strawberry season.  I don't eat them but Mom seems to like them.  She got some strawberries at the grocery store.   They come from farms just up the road from her so they are nice and fresh and very ripe.  One of the good things about living in Florida (besides no snow), there are strawberries at this time of year. 

OK, you want to know about death and taxes. 

Taxes first.  Mom did her taxes today.  It took a bit, Mom had to figure out that COBRA subsidy cause they wanted to know what she received in subsidy.  They said 'good news, you do not have to pay any of that back'.  Whew, it was $2000.  So Mom was unemployed for 9 months last year.  9.  Wow.  So income was way down.  Still got money back cause Mom paid taxes for the first 3 months, there is interest paid on the house and taxes on the house.  Whew, we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Mom would have been upset to pay taxes. 

Death.  OMC!  The heathens were on the patio while Mom was starting her taxes.  She thought they were being good.  HAHAHAHAH, that does not compute.  She walked into the front room only to find 3 boys looking at stuff.  A lizard tail.  A lizard head.  And part of a lizard body and leg.  This unaccounted for:  3 legs and the rest of the body.  Wondering if the rest the parts were eaten.  And if there were parts of the lizard because 3 heathens fought over the lizard.  Yeah. 

Louie does not fit in that box.  But he tried! 
Hermie sure is handsome.

OK, the excitement is done for today.  Mom says she has to do some more stuff around the house.  She hasn't rested yet today.  Me, I am going to continue my beauty rest. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Mom is home!!!  For today only.  She said she goes back to that work place thingie tomorrow again.  That is OK, I will get my rest in.  I sleep a lot!  I want to keep my pretty girl looks as long as I can.

Don't want to rub this in for anyone but it is really nice here today.  Close to 80 degrees.  And Mom had to turn the air conditioner on last night for a little bit.  She was overheated and needed some coolness.  It was only one for 10 minutes though, enough to cool us all down. 

So lately, while I have not been writing, the boys have been doing things. 

Robin got on  MY bed, the one that I allow Mom to share.  Yeah, I was not happy.  He didn't stay long.  I think he got my body language.  We kitties may not have a middle finger but if we did, I would have been giving it to him! 

Louie brought a lizard in the house Saturday.  And put it in the linen closet.  Mom didn't get the lizard cause she couldn't find it.  Well, 'someone' did over night.  Robin.  The dead lizard was placed nicely in the guest bathroom so Mom could dispose of it. 

Hermie.  Is perfect. 

Mom is liking the new job.  She says it is way different than the last place.  

And having today off, with great.  Now Mom needs to see a paycheck get deposited into her checking account.  That will happen next week.  We are good though.  Mom really did plan for 'shit happens'.  She listens to the folks she works with....some are way over their heads on things.  Mom paid attention to what her Dad always said:  save.  Allow yourself to have nice things but plan for the future.  Live well today but plan wisely.  Yup, the old guy was right. 

Now I have been very remiss on not doing photos.  Must make amends NOW
Hermie checking out the 'new' old mouse.  Mom's wireless one ugly death.  Thankfully she had another one that wasn't in use.  An old fashioned wired one. 

Hermie molesting Mom's head this morning. 

Hermie had company in the heathen room this morning.  The other boys went out on the patio but Hermie didn't want to leave his new friend.  New friend, you want to say on THAT side of the window.  Lizards do not last long in this house.

OK, back to my nap.  Mom will be back at that work thing tomorrow so I won't get to write but a little bit in the evening, if I can. I don't get to go on the computer when Mom isn't home.  Not like I have her credit card number.......

Sunday, February 20, 2011

RIP little lizard

Mom said I HAD to write something.  But I am trying to sleep!  It is difficult getting my 23 hours in every day.

Louie brought a lizard in the house yesterday and let it go into the hall linen closet.  Mom didn't get do a thing...cause the lizard wasn't obvious.  She found the lizard this morning, on the guest bathroom floor.  Robin had fun with it all night and killed it.  Poor lizard.

Mom has been shopping for clothes.  She cleaned out the closets (that scared me) and got rid of a bunch of stuff.  There are 5 bags of things to go to goodwill tomorrow.  And a suit that will go to another organization that helps women who are starting over and looking for jobs.  Anyway, Mom has to have some clothes to wear.  So she has been doing a little shopping.  It is hard for her.  Not that she can't find things.  It is the spending of money that is difficult.  I'm sure she will feel better once a paycheck appears in her checking account.  That should happen on the 28th.  Everyone will hear a huge sigh of relief from Mom that day. 

Get this, Mom has tomorrow off from work!  It is a holiday.  She just started and she gets a day off already!  We aren't sleeping late, Mom's body clock isn't allowing it.  So Mom is going to get her butt up and go for a walk outside.  Since she works with a bunch of young healthy folks...she knows she needs to work out to compete!.  hahaha, yeah, that won't happen.  But they are spurring Mom to be healthier for herself.  Good, I want her around for a long time.  She is a good can opener and cuddler. 

OK, I need to keep an eye out for a heathen.  Louie has already attempted to get to me tonight.  Mom made him leave but I know he is out there, waiting.....just waiting.  Heathen. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I found my human 3 years ago today

Three years ago I met my Mom.  It was a chilly Saturday morning.  She needed me.  Mom needed ME!!!!!  I know I sure needed her. 

I'm so glad that I met her. 

Yup Ellie, I am always happy that I met you too.  I needed you in my life.  I needed someone to take care of, to nurture, to help and you were it!  You are my heart cat.  I love that you snuggle up next to me all night.  I love that you don't get upset when I mumble your name when I yell at you in the middle of night.  And that you know if I call you Misty, I am really saying Ellie.  I'm glad I have been able to provide you with a safe and loving home.  and yes, I am happy you saved me too. 

I hate when Mom starts writing in the middle of my blog.  I mean really, this is MY blog, not hers. 

Mom is really tired at night when she gets home these days.  That work thing is busy and keeps her mind working.  She enjoys being around her coworkers.  The drive is not bad.  Today she checked, it took her 30 minutes to get home, from walking out of the building to walking into the house.  30 minutes is VERY good for a drive home. 

I"m glad that I have Mom.  She is a good human.  I don't know many humans.  I'm scared of most of them.  but Mom...well, she isn't scary and she lets me cuddle with her all night.  And she makes sure I am safe in her bedroom all day, no heathens to bother me and try to hurt me.  Yes, Louie still tries.  But Mom yells at him and makes him stop hurting me.  Louie is a bastard.

OOOOO, the boys are being naughty, running thru the house, hissing.  I bet they get in trouble.  hehe

I am going to stay awake so that I can cuddle with Mom all night!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three years ago

On February 15, 2008, I was alone and scared.  I was hungry, I was sick and I needed someone.  I was looking, I was hoping, that someone would find me and help me.  It was really scary for me.  It was cold outside, I lived outside.  Dogs chased me.  People yelled at me.  Cars tried to hit me.  Life SUCKED!  I needed someone. 

Little did I know, that the next morning I would meet my Mom. 

Mom  says that she is learning lots of stuff at the new job.  It is keeping her brain active and she is happy.  She says it is a very relaxed environment.  Which is good.  After all the other jobs she has had, she needed relaxing and not someone screaming at her.  Of course she is still having nightmares about the OLD job.  Hopefully those will end soon. 

I'll write more about my 3 years with Mom tomorrow.  Right now I need to keep resting. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sorry I've not written, blame Mom

I'm so sorry I haven't written, Mom has to help me with the typing and she has been busy.  She went to that WORK place again on Friday and says she is going to go there again tomorrow.  I think that is OK, she seems pretty happy.  I want her to stay that way too!

The boys are out on the patio, being stoopid.  You know, they just cannot help it. Thankfully the lizards are not out there.  I'm sure they are terrified of the heathens. 

Mom tried to go clothes shopping today but nothing looked interesting.  So she came home and looked thru the closet and found some things she can wear for this week at least.  Whew!  Next weekend she has a 3 day weekend...a HOLIDAY already!  Yes, it is funny.  We kitties are not complaining of course.  We get to have Mom home an extra day.  She can go shopping to another mall maybe. 

Today the house got cleaned (bout time too) and Mom has stuff on the stove to make soup and she is going to make some 'Strong Arm Cookies' too.  The dough is in the fridge right now.  Don't tell but I am pretty darned sure that Mom is going to eat some of that dough. 

Isn't this cool?  It is MISTY only he has been changed just a bit.  Someone online in a place Mom frequents, did the picture modification.  It is really neat.

Just helped Mom make the bed.  I sat in the middle of the sheets, helping.  Mom made me MOVE off the bed.  But I was helping. 

Mom said I can share the recipe for the cookies.  And to make sure to tell you that they are called 'strong arm' cause you need a strong arm to stir them at the end.  Oh, and the dough is really yummy.  She also said that she uses Nestle's semi-sweet chocolate chunks (she had some) or some good semi-sweet chocolate chips can be used but to make sure to use good ones, not the cheap, full of wax kind of chips.  Here it is, now I must nap.  Helping with the bed making was hard work!

Strong Arm cookies (aka chocolate chip & cherry cookies)
• 12 T (1 ½ sticks) unsalted butter at room temperature
• ¼ C solid vegetable shortening
• 2 C dark brown sugar, firmly packed
• 2 large eggs
• ½ C buttermilk
• 3 ¼ C flour
• 1 t baking powder
• 1 t salt
• 2 C pecan halves, toasted and cooled
• 2 C dried cherries
• 2 C chocolate chips

In large bowl, beat the butter and shortening on medium speed until will blended, about 2 minutes. Add the sugar and beat until the sugar is thoroughly creamed into the butter mixture. Thoroughly beat in the eggs, then stir in the buttermilk. Set aside

Sift together the flour, baking soda and salt. Gently stir into the butter mixture until you can see no more flour. Stir in the nuts, cherries and chips. Chill the batter, tightly covered with plastic wrap, for at least an hour and up to overnight.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with a silicone nonstick sheet (Silpat) or parchment paper.

Using a 1/2 – tablespoon scoop, measure out a dozen evenly spaced cookies. Using the heel of your hand, gently push each cookie to flatten slightly. Bake for 8 to 11 minutes or until you can touch them lightly and leave almost no imprint.

Cool slightly on pan, remove and let cool completely. Store at room temp in an air tight container.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pains in the butt!

The Heathens are being a pain today.  Wait, that seems to be a repeat of every day since they arrived in their handbasket from hell.  Louie was on the patio yelling at the birdies out there.  When Mom made the boys come back in the house they were OK with it, a little back talk but they came in the house.  Then they discovered that Mom opened the windows in the kitchen so they could still watch the birdies.  One little birdie was teasing them.  I have no time for that...I've lived outside and tried to hunt those birdies.  It SUCKED! 

Sheesh, Louie is being a pest with Mom today.  He wants to go in the garage (no), outside (no), be on the desk (well, ok, but put your butt down). 

This, this is the butt that needs to sit down when Mom is at her desk trying to do things.  But NOOOOOOO, not Louie.  Hermie has started wanting to be closer to Mom too.  He likes to sit on the desk when Mom has her breakfast and reads the news.  Puts his cute little butt down on Mom's mouse hand.  Just to help.  Robin comes in to say hi and possibly pee in front of Mom.  Me, I do NOT do the desk thing at all.  I stay in MY bedroom where I allow Mom to sleep at night.  As long as she cuddles me close. 

Mom had something funny happen yesterday.  She went up to the grocery store to get stuff to make for dinner.  She was in the canned vegetable aisle (ick) getting some tomato stuff to make pasta sauce.  A guy who was there getting stuff too asked if he was in Mom's way.  She said no, he was fine.  Then he said 'you are a beautiful woman, you must hear that all the time'.  mmm, Mom was thinking, not so much and not from strangers....she just got her tomato stuff and came home.  yes, Mom has heard that before but from someone she knows.  Plus us kitties think she is very pretty.  That may have something to do with her being our provider of foods.  Anyway, it made Mom smile, having someone say that to her. 

Everyone else in the country is dealing with some very cold and icky weather.  No snow here, thankfully.  I don't know what it is but I am sure I do not like it.  We have nice weather here, it is Florida and Mom doesn't rub it in TOO much with everyone who is cold right now.  She does remind them that in 2 or 3 months it is going to be very hot and humid here. 

Oh great, now I will have nightmares of Louie.  Yeah, he is kind of good looking but I really still cannot stand him. 

I need to sleep to block that from my mind......

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady in the house

Ah, things are happening here!  Lots of stuff that is making me scared.

First thing, Mom has her second interview on Wednesday morning.  She is trying to not think about it...but it is there, in the back of her mind....screaming 'do good, do good'.  Us kitties want Mom to have a job but we like having her home with us.  Even if we are mostly sleeping the day away.  Just knowing she is here, makes us all feel good. 

And yesterday we had company.  One of the crazy cat ladies that Mom met before.  She came to our house even!  And get is awful, Mom MADE ME MEET HER!  It was AWFUL.   She scared me, not cause she is mean or anything, but because I don't know her and I only really know Mom and like Mom.  But I was a good kitty and let the lady pet me on the head.  I could tell she likes kitties but I really wasn't thrilled.  Mom let me down on the floor and I tore into my bedroom safe place...under the bed. 

The Heathens acted different of course.  Idiots.  Hermie hid a bit, he wasn't sure about this lady either (Hermie is smart, she might have tried to kiss him).  But Robin and Louie...oh they LIKED HER!  Well shit, you morons, she might have tried to kiss you or kill you.  One of those K words.  Hermie chilled out a bit and came out to meet the lady.  Louie showed her his parts.  sigh.  He is such an embarrassment to us all. 

This is Robin getting friendly with the other crazy cat lady, Linda.  Mom was soooo not happy.  See, Robin rarely will get near Mom.  (I think he believes Mom might kill him or throw him outside forever....neither will happen dude).

OMG, Robin got up on Mom!  Whoohoo, he has almost figured out that she isn't totally horrible. 

Mom said she had a nice visit with that lady.  It was really nice!

Scary dreams last night.  No, not me, but Mom.  I got as close as I could to her to make her feel better.  I did too.  She told me about the dream.   Something about someone breaking in but in the dream the doorbell was ringing.  Thankfully we have an alarm system that is hooked into the authorities.  And thankfully we have been good.  I hate when Mom had those sorts of dreams.  She is having them more often is stress related. 

I am still recovering from the awfulness having to meet someone that is not Mom.  Back to my beauty sleep.  I don't need it but I like to keep up with sleep requirement of a cat.