Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Crazy Cat Lady in the house

Ah, things are happening here!  Lots of stuff that is making me scared.

First thing, Mom has her second interview on Wednesday morning.  She is trying to not think about it...but it is there, in the back of her mind....screaming 'do good, do good'.  Us kitties want Mom to have a job but we like having her home with us.  Even if we are mostly sleeping the day away.  Just knowing she is here, makes us all feel good. 

And yesterday we had company.  One of the crazy cat ladies that Mom met before.  She came to our house even!  And get this...it is awful, Mom MADE ME MEET HER!  It was AWFUL.   She scared me, not cause she is mean or anything, but because I don't know her and I only really know Mom and like Mom.  But I was a good kitty and let the lady pet me on the head.  I could tell she likes kitties but I really wasn't thrilled.  Mom let me down on the floor and I tore into my bedroom safe place...under the bed. 

The Heathens acted different of course.  Idiots.  Hermie hid a bit, he wasn't sure about this lady either (Hermie is smart, she might have tried to kiss him).  But Robin and Louie...oh they LIKED HER!  Well shit, you morons, she might have tried to kiss you or kill you.  One of those K words.  Hermie chilled out a bit and came out to meet the lady.  Louie showed her his parts.  sigh.  He is such an embarrassment to us all. 

This is Robin getting friendly with the other crazy cat lady, Linda.  Mom was soooo not happy.  See, Robin rarely will get near Mom.  (I think he believes Mom might kill him or throw him outside forever....neither will happen dude).

OMG, Robin got up on Mom!  Whoohoo, he has almost figured out that she isn't totally horrible. 

Mom said she had a nice visit with that lady.  It was really nice!

Scary dreams last night.  No, not me, but Mom.  I got as close as I could to her to make her feel better.  I did too.  She told me about the dream.   Something about someone breaking in but in the dream the doorbell was ringing.  Thankfully we have an alarm system that is hooked into the authorities.  And thankfully we have been good.  I hate when Mom had those sorts of dreams.  She is having them more often now...it is stress related. 

I am still recovering from the awfulness having to meet someone that is not Mom.  Back to my beauty sleep.  I don't need it but I like to keep up with sleep requirement of a cat.

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