Sunday, February 27, 2011

Death and Taxes

Man, it is SUNDAY already.  And that means Mom goes to work again tomorrow.  I guess that is OK, I sleep most of the day anyway.  I'm safe from heathens in my bedroom, I mean Mom's bedroom.

Yeah, it is hot here already.  It is February 27, 2011 and the air conditioner is turned on.  Of course it is also strawberry season.  I don't eat them but Mom seems to like them.  She got some strawberries at the grocery store.   They come from farms just up the road from her so they are nice and fresh and very ripe.  One of the good things about living in Florida (besides no snow), there are strawberries at this time of year. 

OK, you want to know about death and taxes. 

Taxes first.  Mom did her taxes today.  It took a bit, Mom had to figure out that COBRA subsidy cause they wanted to know what she received in subsidy.  They said 'good news, you do not have to pay any of that back'.  Whew, it was $2000.  So Mom was unemployed for 9 months last year.  9.  Wow.  So income was way down.  Still got money back cause Mom paid taxes for the first 3 months, there is interest paid on the house and taxes on the house.  Whew, we all breathed a sigh of relief.  Mom would have been upset to pay taxes. 

Death.  OMC!  The heathens were on the patio while Mom was starting her taxes.  She thought they were being good.  HAHAHAHAH, that does not compute.  She walked into the front room only to find 3 boys looking at stuff.  A lizard tail.  A lizard head.  And part of a lizard body and leg.  This unaccounted for:  3 legs and the rest of the body.  Wondering if the rest the parts were eaten.  And if there were parts of the lizard because 3 heathens fought over the lizard.  Yeah. 

Louie does not fit in that box.  But he tried! 
Hermie sure is handsome.

OK, the excitement is done for today.  Mom says she has to do some more stuff around the house.  She hasn't rested yet today.  Me, I am going to continue my beauty rest. 

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