Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

Mom is home!!!  For today only.  She said she goes back to that work place thingie tomorrow again.  That is OK, I will get my rest in.  I sleep a lot!  I want to keep my pretty girl looks as long as I can.

Don't want to rub this in for anyone but it is really nice here today.  Close to 80 degrees.  And Mom had to turn the air conditioner on last night for a little bit.  She was overheated and needed some coolness.  It was only one for 10 minutes though, enough to cool us all down. 

So lately, while I have not been writing, the boys have been doing things. 

Robin got on  MY bed, the one that I allow Mom to share.  Yeah, I was not happy.  He didn't stay long.  I think he got my body language.  We kitties may not have a middle finger but if we did, I would have been giving it to him! 

Louie brought a lizard in the house Saturday.  And put it in the linen closet.  Mom didn't get the lizard cause she couldn't find it.  Well, 'someone' did over night.  Robin.  The dead lizard was placed nicely in the guest bathroom so Mom could dispose of it. 

Hermie.  Is perfect. 

Mom is liking the new job.  She says it is way different than the last place.  

And having today off, with great.  Now Mom needs to see a paycheck get deposited into her checking account.  That will happen next week.  We are good though.  Mom really did plan for 'shit happens'.  She listens to the folks she works with....some are way over their heads on things.  Mom paid attention to what her Dad always said:  save.  Allow yourself to have nice things but plan for the future.  Live well today but plan wisely.  Yup, the old guy was right. 

Now I have been very remiss on not doing photos.  Must make amends NOW
Hermie checking out the 'new' old mouse.  Mom's wireless one ugly death.  Thankfully she had another one that wasn't in use.  An old fashioned wired one. 

Hermie molesting Mom's head this morning. 

Hermie had company in the heathen room this morning.  The other boys went out on the patio but Hermie didn't want to leave his new friend.  New friend, you want to say on THAT side of the window.  Lizards do not last long in this house.

OK, back to my nap.  Mom will be back at that work thing tomorrow so I won't get to write but a little bit in the evening, if I can. I don't get to go on the computer when Mom isn't home.  Not like I have her credit card number.......

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