Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I found my human 3 years ago today

Three years ago I met my Mom.  It was a chilly Saturday morning.  She needed me.  Mom needed ME!!!!!  I know I sure needed her. 

I'm so glad that I met her. 

Yup Ellie, I am always happy that I met you too.  I needed you in my life.  I needed someone to take care of, to nurture, to help and you were it!  You are my heart cat.  I love that you snuggle up next to me all night.  I love that you don't get upset when I mumble your name when I yell at you in the middle of night.  And that you know if I call you Misty, I am really saying Ellie.  I'm glad I have been able to provide you with a safe and loving home.  and yes, I am happy you saved me too. 

I hate when Mom starts writing in the middle of my blog.  I mean really, this is MY blog, not hers. 

Mom is really tired at night when she gets home these days.  That work thing is busy and keeps her mind working.  She enjoys being around her coworkers.  The drive is not bad.  Today she checked, it took her 30 minutes to get home, from walking out of the building to walking into the house.  30 minutes is VERY good for a drive home. 

I"m glad that I have Mom.  She is a good human.  I don't know many humans.  I'm scared of most of them.  but Mom...well, she isn't scary and she lets me cuddle with her all night.  And she makes sure I am safe in her bedroom all day, no heathens to bother me and try to hurt me.  Yes, Louie still tries.  But Mom yells at him and makes him stop hurting me.  Louie is a bastard.

OOOOO, the boys are being naughty, running thru the house, hissing.  I bet they get in trouble.  hehe

I am going to stay awake so that I can cuddle with Mom all night!

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  1. Sweet Ellie, its wonderful to celebrate your "gotcha" day with you@@ You have made your mom so very happy, and you are truly her heart car. You have a special bond that won't be broken. I'm so happy for both of you...