Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pains in the butt!

The Heathens are being a pain today.  Wait, that seems to be a repeat of every day since they arrived in their handbasket from hell.  Louie was on the patio yelling at the birdies out there.  When Mom made the boys come back in the house they were OK with it, a little back talk but they came in the house.  Then they discovered that Mom opened the windows in the kitchen so they could still watch the birdies.  One little birdie was teasing them.  I have no time for that...I've lived outside and tried to hunt those birdies.  It SUCKED! 

Sheesh, Louie is being a pest with Mom today.  He wants to go in the garage (no), outside (no), be on the desk (well, ok, but put your butt down). 

This, this is the butt that needs to sit down when Mom is at her desk trying to do things.  But NOOOOOOO, not Louie.  Hermie has started wanting to be closer to Mom too.  He likes to sit on the desk when Mom has her breakfast and reads the news.  Puts his cute little butt down on Mom's mouse hand.  Just to help.  Robin comes in to say hi and possibly pee in front of Mom.  Me, I do NOT do the desk thing at all.  I stay in MY bedroom where I allow Mom to sleep at night.  As long as she cuddles me close. 

Mom had something funny happen yesterday.  She went up to the grocery store to get stuff to make for dinner.  She was in the canned vegetable aisle (ick) getting some tomato stuff to make pasta sauce.  A guy who was there getting stuff too asked if he was in Mom's way.  She said no, he was fine.  Then he said 'you are a beautiful woman, you must hear that all the time'.  mmm, Mom was thinking, not so much and not from strangers....she just got her tomato stuff and came home.  yes, Mom has heard that before but from someone she knows.  Plus us kitties think she is very pretty.  That may have something to do with her being our provider of foods.  Anyway, it made Mom smile, having someone say that to her. 

Everyone else in the country is dealing with some very cold and icky weather.  No snow here, thankfully.  I don't know what it is but I am sure I do not like it.  We have nice weather here, it is Florida and Mom doesn't rub it in TOO much with everyone who is cold right now.  She does remind them that in 2 or 3 months it is going to be very hot and humid here. 

Oh great, now I will have nightmares of Louie.  Yeah, he is kind of good looking but I really still cannot stand him. 

I need to sleep to block that from my mind......

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