Sunday, February 20, 2011

RIP little lizard

Mom said I HAD to write something.  But I am trying to sleep!  It is difficult getting my 23 hours in every day.

Louie brought a lizard in the house yesterday and let it go into the hall linen closet.  Mom didn't get do a thing...cause the lizard wasn't obvious.  She found the lizard this morning, on the guest bathroom floor.  Robin had fun with it all night and killed it.  Poor lizard.

Mom has been shopping for clothes.  She cleaned out the closets (that scared me) and got rid of a bunch of stuff.  There are 5 bags of things to go to goodwill tomorrow.  And a suit that will go to another organization that helps women who are starting over and looking for jobs.  Anyway, Mom has to have some clothes to wear.  So she has been doing a little shopping.  It is hard for her.  Not that she can't find things.  It is the spending of money that is difficult.  I'm sure she will feel better once a paycheck appears in her checking account.  That should happen on the 28th.  Everyone will hear a huge sigh of relief from Mom that day. 

Get this, Mom has tomorrow off from work!  It is a holiday.  She just started and she gets a day off already!  We aren't sleeping late, Mom's body clock isn't allowing it.  So Mom is going to get her butt up and go for a walk outside.  Since she works with a bunch of young healthy folks...she knows she needs to work out to compete!.  hahaha, yeah, that won't happen.  But they are spurring Mom to be healthier for herself.  Good, I want her around for a long time.  She is a good can opener and cuddler. 

OK, I need to keep an eye out for a heathen.  Louie has already attempted to get to me tonight.  Mom made him leave but I know he is out there, waiting.....just waiting.  Heathen. 

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