Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am surviving my DIEt

Well, I've survived the first week of my DIEt.  I didn't even go in and nibble any of Robin's food.  I hate him.  Mom has made me get out of the bedroom and exercise.  So she carries me into the front room where Robin is, I hiss, Mom puts me down and I run back in the bedroom, in case Robin would get any ideas.  Then Mom comes and gets me and we repeat.  I sometimes get up on the cat tree to look out at the neighbors.  You never know what they are going to do.  Yeah. 

Spring starts tomorrow but it sure feels like summer.  Mom already turned on the air conditioner.  We live in Florida so it gets hot fast.  And our lawn guy came this week and mowed the grass and weeds.  It looks better.  Mom says she has to do some trimming of stuff in the front tomorrow.  She is not happy.  Last year when she did that there was a snake in the palm tree.  I bet she checks this year before she starts. 

Mom has been working hard.  When she gets home she doesn't want to help me write on here.  So she only lets me do this during the weekend.  She still likes her job, which is good.  I want her to continue to like her job.  It does take lots of thinking and communicating with folks all over the world.  That is kind of cool. 

So, the heathens are still being heathens.  They will not change.  But as long as I get my alone time with Mom, I guess I am ok with them being here. 

Louie is such a show off....look, he can touch his nether regions.  I can't even SEE mine!
Mom wanted the Heathens to come in...did they?  OF COURSE NOT!  Louie, trying to be cute. 

Hermie!!!!!  You are being naughty and not coming in when Mom calls you!!!

Holy cats!!!!  Louie is tall.  Mom missed getting a picture of Louie as he tried to climb the screen.  He was trying to get to one of the wasps that were flying around outside.  No, he didn't get one.

Something strange is happening out on the patio.  There aren't any lizards.  None.  There are some on the outside of the screen but not on the inside.  I think they may have gotten some sense into their little brains.  The heathens will get them.  Shoot, I've gotten a few lizards even! 

OK, I need to nap now.  I'm still trying to catch up from that daylight savings thing.  I want to save all my daylight.

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