Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's official. I'm fat.

Yes, the doctor lady said 'she needs to lose weight' and 'she is square' (she giggled when she said that!)  Yeah, I know I am a little tubby.  I've been sneaking Robin's food, I like to sneak food.   The most horrible thing of course, Mom MOVED HIS FOOD!!!  Now it isn't where I can sneak it without getting close to him.  CRAP! 

The doctor visit went well.  I was a good kitty, didn't growl or pee on anyone.  They gooshed over me too, at how pretty I am and now I clean up real nice.  They saw me the first day that Mom found me.  So they know.  They stuck that thermometer thingy up my butt, I don't like that.  They looked in my ears, they listened to my heart, she LOOKED AT MY TUMMY!  I was such a good kitty for all of that crap.  I was glad to go home though. 

When we first got there...omg, Mom saw a puppy!  A guy brought his 8 week old pug puppy in for her first checkup.  Mom wanted the puppy.  Mom doesn't get baby fever, she gets puppy fever.  NO PUPPIES, NO DOGS!  I will admit, it was a cute puppy.  Kind of small though. 

I came home after that ordeal and hid under the bed.  I forgave Mom later though and cuddled with her. 

Mom went shopping this weekend too.  She got new sheets for the bed so us kitties can shred them.  And today she got a pair of slacks, top, cardigan and a new purse.  I think she was most excited about the purse.  She didn't like the one she had, it was 'hard' and not supple.  This one is just what she wanted.  Of course the shopping thing isn't over.  Mom still has to have some more things to wear.  It is the finding part that is hard.  She feels strange walking into some stores, like she doesn't belong (she does of course, it is inside her mind that is playing that trick on her). 

I've been good, well, other than the snacking on Robin's food.  I've been a good girl.  I slept real close to Mom the night it was colder here.  I knew she needed me to keep her warm. 

I am sorry I've not written much.  When Mom comes home she is tired and doesn't want to help me.  She says things like 'spreadsheets' and 'numbers' and is glad to be home with us kitties.  I tell you, she SMILES these days.  I hope this attitude continues for her.  I want her to be happy. 

Yes, pack up the heathens and take THEM to the doctor lady!!!!

oh yeah, Mr. Smug.....I've smacked you and told you to stay out of MY bedroom....but I saw you last night, in my bathroom with me. 

sigh....isn't he cute.  For a heathen.

Wait, isn't SQUARE a shape?

I've got to rest to conserve my energy.  This DIEt thing sucks!!!!

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