Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tiring times

Wow, we had a busy week last week.  At least Mom did.  She WORKED again.  She even went into work early 2 days.  She was the first one in the office at 10 minutes till 7 on Thursday and Friday.  Friday they were testing the fire alarms.   She thought she would get to come home early on Friday but stuff happened and she didn't leave the office till after 4pm.  Bummer.  Hopefully this next week will be better for her. 

Mom has been busy all weekend too.  She doesn't rest.  OK, so she does.  She fell asleep at 10pm last night.  Exhausted Mom. 

Robin got a new litter box.  He christened it immediately.  Mom hopes that it will be ok for him, he can still stand up and pee but it doesn't go anywhere but the litter box.  There is a large puppy pad under the box so if there is leakage, it is caught there.  All of us kittiesgot our boxes cleaned out.  And the other heathens went back to the Booda litter box.  Robin peed in there too.  We all have new litter.  It is WONDERFUL.  Mom needed to do that. 
That is Robin's new box.  He likes to stand up on the edge when he lots of room for him to do that. 

The other heathen's litter box.  Louie can STILL poop outside of the box but at least it is sort of contained.  And Robin, well, he peed on the wall so that some came down those little steps.  I tell ya, heathens, they are talented. 

Mom trimmed back the crepe myrtle trees in the back yard.  She pulled them back quite a bit.  The amount of trimmings were HUGE.  And her arms are already hurting. 
The branches on those trees were at least 6 feet up.  Yeah, LOTS of fun.  Mom is hurting. 

Of course the heathens were of no help.  They just wanted to see the big snipper and the gloves.  That is a VERY big snipper. 

I of course helped Mom make the bed.  I held the sheet down so it wouldn't fly away.  And I did it while looking cute.

This is my sexy pose.  I don't let many folks see it.  I'm really a shy kitty. 

I better get some rest.  Helping Mom was HARD WORK!  Whatever Mom is making for dinner smells good.  What?  Beef Burgundy?  OOOOO, that sounds good.  Is that a new Fancy Feast flavor?  Oh, kitties can't have any cause it is cooked with onions.  Bummer.  I was all ready to have some.  I'll just be over here nibbling on my fat girl kibble. 

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