Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitties know

Kitties know that Mom will help them.  They really do. 

The other morning a very pretty kitty was outside the screen room while the heathens were out on the patio.  It was very early in the morning and Robin was being very vocal about the other kitty.  Mom went out to see what was going on and saw the kitty.  She made the boys go in the house, fixed a bowl of kibble and went back out to the other kitty.  He really wanted to have Mom pet him.  He liked it so much and he was happy.  Mom told him to come back on Saturday and she would take him to the vet.  She left food for the kitty and finished getting ready for work.

The next morning, the kitty was back.  Mom wasn't taking a chance so she brought the kitty into the house and put him in the guest bathroom.  She couldn't get him to the vet till Friday cause the doctor lady was closed on Thursday afternoon. 

Friday afternoon Mom took the kitty to the doctor.  He didn't have a microchip so he 'might' be able to come up with us.  They took him back to do the blood tests.  Things didn't turn out very good.  The doctor lady came in and told Mom 'he has feline leukemia'.  The doctor lady told Mom, he needs to be put to sleep, he will not be healthy and his death will take a long time and will hurt.  Mom said goodbye to the pretty kitty.  It hurt but Mom knew she was doing the right thing. 

We kitties all know that Mom does the right thing.  We also think that the kitty knew that Mom would help him.  He was very sick.  He needed a kind touch, someone to love him for a few days, a nice safe house to be in and someone who would help him cross the bridge back to health.  He found Mom. 

Here is the pretty kitty getting some love from Mom.  RIP pretty boy, I'm glad that you had love for a few days. 

sigh.  Yeah, Mom is a little sad.  She did the right thing but it still hurts.  I'm doing my best to make her feel better.  I slept on her part of the night. Sure felt good to me. 

Oh, get this, ROBIN had the audacity to get on MY bed with Mom and me the other night and try and sleep there.  I WAS NOT HAPPY!  I let him know with a stern hissing.  Mom told me to shut up.  ME!  Robin ran out of the bedroom (good) but he came back (bad).  Mom liked him in with us.  I didn't.  I will his at him again and again. 

The tabby boys are being tabby boys.  Full of naughtiness and cuteness.  Mom hugged and kissed on all of us last night when she came home from taking pretty boy to the doctor lady.  She told us that she loved us and would always love us and she wanted us all to stay healthy. 

So that is what has been happening lately. I will take care of Mom.  No worries. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stinky Heathens

We all had a good week here in the house of heathens.  I mean in MY house. 

I, of course, have been the queen of the castle.  It is awesome that I get to sleep with Mom on the big bed every night.  I make sure she is scooted out of her favorite place to sleep, I may be short and squat but I can stretch out to take up more than half of a king size bed. 

Mom was a little worried this week.  Work is good but things happen there, they lose contracts that 'may' affect Mom and her income.  No one knows!  The manager doesn't know.  The head honchos don't know.  It is really just a crap shoot.  Hopefully Mom will stay gainfully employed but to be safe, she is going to update her resume and penny pinch.  Thankfully she makes sure I have my fat girl kibble.  It isn't cheap but she knows it is good for me.  Today she got that and some grain free tubby girl food and is mixing them for me.  I don't know, I like my curves.  Hey, ROUND IS A SHAPE!

The heathens have been just awful.  The other night when Mom got home she let them out on the patio to blow the stinky heathen smell off of them.  Immediately Louie grabbed a huge lizard.  Mom ran after him to make him give it up, which he did....and then HERMIE grabbed the lizard.  So Mom was holding Louie and forcing Hermie to drop the lizard.  He didn't want to give it up.  He finally did and Mom threw both of them back in the house and shut the patio door.  In the meantime, Robin found the lizard and nabbed it.  HE wasn't going to give it up without a struggle.  Finally, Mr. Lizard was saved from the fangs of heathens.  I bet Mr. Lizard or Miss Lizard (I can't tell their gender, I don't want to get that close to see!) saw his/her life flash before his/her eyes 3 times within one minute.  The heathens did not go back on the patio that night. 

And last night Mom let the boys out when she got home from that thing called a 'happy hour'.  No, Mom did not drink, she was just being nice and social.  Funny, she is social.  Anyway, she let them out on the patio so they could lose that pesky smell (won't ever come off, they STINK to high heathen).  Anyway, out they went, Mom went in and ordered her dinner and she had to get them in from the patio.  Robin was having a grand old time.
No, he didn't put all the dirt there, Mom is just a lousy planter.  Robin was insisting on having all that catnip.  And was awfully unhappy when Mom made him come in the house.  I say, THROW HIM OUTSIDE AND LEAVE HIM MOM!!  Well, crap.  She never listens to me. 

The boys are doing good I guess.  I of course am doing wonderfully. 

This guy has been outside tormenting the heathens.  GO SQUIRREL!  Now that there is no dog to scare off the squirrels, they are showing up in the backyard to tease the boys.  And this is the one who does it all the time. 

Hey Louie, you are starting to get a little bit of a belly.  hehe

Mom and Hermie.  Mom looks OK (she has a tough time doing pictures but she said she wanted a new one for her facebook thingy) and Hermie, well, he looks thrilled. 

Me?  No, no pictures of me.  I have my hair in rollers.  I don't want everyone to see. 

Now I must nap.  Mom said she is making pizza tonight and something called chicken pasghetti for dinner tomorrow night (then she can eat that for the rest of the week).  And she gets Friday off, with pay!  But she is going in for a blood letting that morning so she doesn't get to sleep in.  No, not really, blood work to check her fats.  Now I must catch up on my zzzzz's.  I was up all night making sure that Mom slept uncomfortably. 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RIP to my cousin cat Gypsy

Mom said I needed to write this note about another kitty this morning so here I am.

Last Monday, my cousin cat Gypsy passed away.  She had a good life the past 12 years.  The time before Mom's brother's family found her and rescued here, were not so nice.  Gypsy was an outside kitty, living on her own, eating out of garbage cans.  Mom's niece found her and started feeding her and then got her in the house.  She was just a kid and Gypsy became her cat.  Gypsy lived in the niece's closet for 2 years, she was terrified to come out.  One of the other cats always bullied her so she was safest with the niece.  She finally did come out and become social when the bully cat got old and passed away.  Gypsy had the softest fur ever Mom says.  Like a bunny's fur.  Really silky and soft.  

I'll leave you with some pictures of Gypsy and her human (Mom's niece).  RIP sweet kitty.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did I Fool You?

I bet i had you all fooled yesterday didn't I?  Yeah, there is no way I would ever adore the heathens. OMG, I am not that crazy. 

Mom tried to sleep in this morning.  She tried!  hehe......  Mom was laying there thinking she could get some more sleep when I decided that she needed to be snuggled.  So I got up and stretched across her face and then her neck.  She seemed to think that was an issue.  It isn't like I was suffocating her or anything.  I was just snuggling. 

It was haircut day for Mom.  I do not get that all.  I NEVER have to get a hair cut but Mom does.  She was kind of upset when she saw hair coming off of her head but after it was all looks good.  Whew.  Mom says the growing out of hair is hard and she has to keep it in shape.  She doesn't want to look frumpy.   Nope and she doesn't! 

After the hair cut Mom went to the health food store and got foods for her, none for us kitties.  They don't carry my fat girl food.  Mom has to go to another place to get the fat girl foods.  Then after that store, Mom went to the wine store.  OMC!!!  That was naughty of Mom.  She likes it though so that is OK. 

I heard that Mom tried to take a nap on the couch but that didnt' happen.  Robin sat on the floor and stared at her.  STARED!!  And then he had the audacity to jump up on her tummy and YOWL real loud at her!  Who the heck does he think he is?  He must think Mom likes him or something.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't.  I am the only one Mom likes.  It is just me!!  It is ALL me!!!!  I know it!

I'm sorry I haven't been writing much lately.  Mom gets really tired at her job.  When she comes home she doesn't really feel up to helping me with my blog.  I tell her MOM, FOLKS WANT TO READ ABOUT ME but noooooo, does she help me?  Nope. 

There is that interloper who thought it was OK to look at MY MOMMY!!!

And here I am, the Princess. 

I better nap again, it has been a rough day.  Mom being home on the weekend really cuts into my napping. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Adore Heathens!

I really love heathens.  I cannot tell you just now much I adore them.  I want them to be with me all the time.  I want to share my food with them.  I want them to sleep with Mom and me.  I LOVE HEATHENS!!!!

I'm so glad that Mom adopted them.  I really am. 

and I am an 8 pound svelte little calico.  Or two of them maybe. 

Yes, I love heathens.

Totally love heathens.  

I think we need more heathens.

oh hell, I can't keep this up at all


I HATE HEATHENS and that is not a lie. 

I need to rest.  I don't like to lie and lying about loving heathens was extremely tiring.