Saturday, April 2, 2011

Did I Fool You?

I bet i had you all fooled yesterday didn't I?  Yeah, there is no way I would ever adore the heathens. OMG, I am not that crazy. 

Mom tried to sleep in this morning.  She tried!  hehe......  Mom was laying there thinking she could get some more sleep when I decided that she needed to be snuggled.  So I got up and stretched across her face and then her neck.  She seemed to think that was an issue.  It isn't like I was suffocating her or anything.  I was just snuggling. 

It was haircut day for Mom.  I do not get that all.  I NEVER have to get a hair cut but Mom does.  She was kind of upset when she saw hair coming off of her head but after it was all looks good.  Whew.  Mom says the growing out of hair is hard and she has to keep it in shape.  She doesn't want to look frumpy.   Nope and she doesn't! 

After the hair cut Mom went to the health food store and got foods for her, none for us kitties.  They don't carry my fat girl food.  Mom has to go to another place to get the fat girl foods.  Then after that store, Mom went to the wine store.  OMC!!!  That was naughty of Mom.  She likes it though so that is OK. 

I heard that Mom tried to take a nap on the couch but that didnt' happen.  Robin sat on the floor and stared at her.  STARED!!  And then he had the audacity to jump up on her tummy and YOWL real loud at her!  Who the heck does he think he is?  He must think Mom likes him or something.  I'm pretty sure she doesn't.  I am the only one Mom likes.  It is just me!!  It is ALL me!!!!  I know it!

I'm sorry I haven't been writing much lately.  Mom gets really tired at her job.  When she comes home she doesn't really feel up to helping me with my blog.  I tell her MOM, FOLKS WANT TO READ ABOUT ME but noooooo, does she help me?  Nope. 

There is that interloper who thought it was OK to look at MY MOMMY!!!

And here I am, the Princess. 

I better nap again, it has been a rough day.  Mom being home on the weekend really cuts into my napping. 

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