Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kitties know

Kitties know that Mom will help them.  They really do. 

The other morning a very pretty kitty was outside the screen room while the heathens were out on the patio.  It was very early in the morning and Robin was being very vocal about the other kitty.  Mom went out to see what was going on and saw the kitty.  She made the boys go in the house, fixed a bowl of kibble and went back out to the other kitty.  He really wanted to have Mom pet him.  He liked it so much and he was happy.  Mom told him to come back on Saturday and she would take him to the vet.  She left food for the kitty and finished getting ready for work.

The next morning, the kitty was back.  Mom wasn't taking a chance so she brought the kitty into the house and put him in the guest bathroom.  She couldn't get him to the vet till Friday cause the doctor lady was closed on Thursday afternoon. 

Friday afternoon Mom took the kitty to the doctor.  He didn't have a microchip so he 'might' be able to come up with us.  They took him back to do the blood tests.  Things didn't turn out very good.  The doctor lady came in and told Mom 'he has feline leukemia'.  The doctor lady told Mom, he needs to be put to sleep, he will not be healthy and his death will take a long time and will hurt.  Mom said goodbye to the pretty kitty.  It hurt but Mom knew she was doing the right thing. 

We kitties all know that Mom does the right thing.  We also think that the kitty knew that Mom would help him.  He was very sick.  He needed a kind touch, someone to love him for a few days, a nice safe house to be in and someone who would help him cross the bridge back to health.  He found Mom. 

Here is the pretty kitty getting some love from Mom.  RIP pretty boy, I'm glad that you had love for a few days. 

sigh.  Yeah, Mom is a little sad.  She did the right thing but it still hurts.  I'm doing my best to make her feel better.  I slept on her part of the night. Sure felt good to me. 

Oh, get this, ROBIN had the audacity to get on MY bed with Mom and me the other night and try and sleep there.  I WAS NOT HAPPY!  I let him know with a stern hissing.  Mom told me to shut up.  ME!  Robin ran out of the bedroom (good) but he came back (bad).  Mom liked him in with us.  I didn't.  I will his at him again and again. 

The tabby boys are being tabby boys.  Full of naughtiness and cuteness.  Mom hugged and kissed on all of us last night when she came home from taking pretty boy to the doctor lady.  She told us that she loved us and would always love us and she wanted us all to stay healthy. 

So that is what has been happening lately. I will take care of Mom.  No worries. 

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