Saturday, April 9, 2011

RIP to my cousin cat Gypsy

Mom said I needed to write this note about another kitty this morning so here I am.

Last Monday, my cousin cat Gypsy passed away.  She had a good life the past 12 years.  The time before Mom's brother's family found her and rescued here, were not so nice.  Gypsy was an outside kitty, living on her own, eating out of garbage cans.  Mom's niece found her and started feeding her and then got her in the house.  She was just a kid and Gypsy became her cat.  Gypsy lived in the niece's closet for 2 years, she was terrified to come out.  One of the other cats always bullied her so she was safest with the niece.  She finally did come out and become social when the bully cat got old and passed away.  Gypsy had the softest fur ever Mom says.  Like a bunny's fur.  Really silky and soft.  

I'll leave you with some pictures of Gypsy and her human (Mom's niece).  RIP sweet kitty.

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